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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by neckelmann 1 / 10

Objectively bad

It's funny to see all these fake reviews and how the rating of the movie has been plummeting over the last few days.

I'm not sure what to add, most points are covered by the previous reviews (the real ones, that is). The acting is stiff and amateurish, even Lance Henriksen somehow looked like he had never been in a movie before.

The story is extremely stupid. Half the scenes don't serve a point, and could have been removed from the movie without making it worse. Actually, it might have made it better. But why stop there? If just all the scenes had been removed, maybe it would have been slightly watchable.

Don't waste your time, not even if you're looking for a bad movie to laugh at. Go find something else to watch.

Reviewed by Chu Wen 7 / 10

Worth Watching- Good Thriller

I don't know how I found this movie on my flight the other day, but it kept me awake during my red-eye. Sure, it is not a perfect film, but it is entertaining. I didn't read any reviews on it, and I'm glad I skipped them because the reviews are all over the place! I liked it. Wasn't my favorite movie ever made, but I was happy something entertained me during my flight. I watch until the end because it kept me engaged. Some unusual filmmaking, but better than some other films I've seen lately. Didn't really have known actors, but performances were pretty good.

I never give reviews on movies. Never! I went back online to check out this one, and decided to write a review. My first movie review, so that says a lot about Lake Eerie. I'd watch it again. And I'm grateful for the entertainment on my miserable flight. Plus, I liked the girl coming from the lake. What a beauty! Check this out just for her.

Reviewed by TopFlix7 10 / 10


This movie's greatest strength is its ability to build tension and not rely on jump scares. It really captures the feeling of what it's like being alone in a creepy house (my family has an old house and I have been there alone, even the little things freaked me out.) I appreciate the shower scene not having blood coming out of the shower head, that has been done to death and I was getting worried when the scene began. Dirty, mucky lake water was a clever twist to an old horror trope. Nicely done.

Bonus point for shooting the film using the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes are amazing and don't get enough love in movies! I would really love a Put in Bay movie

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