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Reviewed by joestank15 7 / 10

Not bad, but not great

Land of the Dead - The 4th part of George A. Romero's zombie quadrillogy. It's been decades since the dead began to walk the Earth, and now they practically own it (except for Canada for some reason). There is one last little mega-city that is surrounded by electric fences, armed patrols and barbed wire on one side, and nothing but water on all other four sides, because the dead supposedly don't like water. Despite the fact that the surrounding lands are rife with zombies, this metropolis is incredibly corrupt. All thanks to evil bureaucrat Kaufman (Dennis Hooper, who I had a ball watching) who makes all but a select few rich folks (who have never seen or fought a real zombie) live in slums. There you can get your picture taken with zombies, or watch zombie fights (they fight over animals and the occasional human). There are a few mercenaries paid to make runs in a giant tank truck for precious commodities in the outside world.

Now I like George and could thank him endlessly for starting the zombie franchise, but he has always favored gore just a little more over character development, and has always liked his zombies just a LOT more than his humans. Heck in this movie, the zombies are practically the good-guys! They're just like you and me, except they rip people's arms in two (and I do mean length-wise) and tear belly button rings out of people. They are actually pretty intelligent and moderately fast at walking. By far the biggest threats in Romero's movies (most notably "Big Daddy" (Eugene Clark). For the most part though, it works, and it's good gory fun. Except the character development thingy. While I don't begrudge Romero for having fun with his zombies, I wasn't too sympathetic to Riley (Simon Baker) or Slack (Asia Argento). Riley, like Romero it seems, is just tired of character development as he has Riley say "I'm fed up with back-stories". But Riley dear boy, that's how the audience grows to care about you. Slack almost kills several of her fellow team-mates and does not grow at all, but that's the script's fault. Both of these characters, however are played well for what the actors are given.

Surprisingly the secondary characters are far more endearing. Cholo (John Leguizamo) was not only believable as a merc, but I was quite sympathetic to him as he realized that he was a pon. "Pilsbury" (Pedro Miguel Arce) and Charlie (Robert Joy) are endearing and funny.

So the effects are good. The story is iffy. The acting is good. The character development is iffy. The ending is really lame. This gets an overall B

Reviewed by soulassassin2000 1 / 10

Where's my car?

Most other comments seems to be infected by a classic case of -Let's read a plethora of theories and commentaries into this as an after-construction-kinda deal. It's easy to sum this movie up in one sentence: A violent story about a group of people in search for their missing car.

This has been praised as a stand against class-society and apparently it should contain a vast amount on social commentary. Where? Name one action movie who hasn't got a rich villain and a poor hero or some misfit trying to set things right based on his unbreakable social pathos.

And some of the huge plot holes:

Well the monatery system in this movie can't be explained. Why does currency still work in a world where there a so few people, and plenty of goods to go around for everybody.

The gated community is just a silly, awfully depicted place, instead of dealing with the situation they sit around drinking champagne and buying designer clothes. (Is this the huge social comment?!?)

Why build a stupid land train when you can loot every tank regiment on Earth?


After the three first (Night, Dawn and Day) Land... seems to be a world of it's own. It seems to be so far away from anything else, depicted in the first three, it could be a pilot for a TV-series.

Many may complain about the one dimensioned actors but, be fair, how would ANY actor act in such a humourless, wafer thin story like this. The direction seems more to be inspired by army boot camp than any sort film-making. It follows the same concept over and over and over again: "Run-Shoot-Swear-Run-Shoot-Swear" And by God do not under any circumstances show any emotion except anger.

I was almost breastfed with zombie movies and for almost 20 years it's been a great inspirational source. It pains me to see this movie and I hate to admit that not even me, one of the greatest fans on the genre, can protect Romero from this failure.

Mr. Romero, get back to the drawing board, and better luck next time.

I still have hope!

Reviewed by obiemookie 8 / 10

GAR's Masterpiece - Truly.

Just got back from the "industry screening" of Land, with GAR in attendance (5 rows ahead of me).

Not to give out any spoilers, because I won't...but this film rocked. Does it have a different feel than Night, Dawn, and Day? Of course it does...why? Because of the fact that it's 2005, and movie making has changed over the course of the years. And also, this wasn't an independent film in the same way the other three were.

BUT, what they got away with, gore-wise, was absolutely incredible. My buddy and I were laughing with glee through the entire flick at all of the violence. Let me put all doubts to rest: This IS a George A Romero zombie film. This is NOT a's the real deal. Head shots, decapitations, zombie biting people with the typical fleshy ripping...intestines...the works. I was SHOCKED at the amount of gore they managed to get into the film. I spoke with the Production Manager after wards, and he assured me that the gore in the film is NOTHING compared to what's going to be on the DVD. Oh, and on the way out, I got to shake GAR's hand and tell him that this is an incredible film. Honestly, it's this generation's "Dawn". (And yes, that means it's more fast paced etc etc, which some purists might be ticked off about). And when I say this is this generation's "Dawn", I mean THIS is the zombie movie people will remember years from now. It totally blows the other recently released zombie flicks (including the Dawn remake) out of the water.

The acting was excellent all around...and I mean all around. There were no bad performances. Even Dennis Hopper and John Leguizamo, who both were put down on the message board for being in the film, were amazing. Hell, even the zombies kicked ass.

Anyway, that's all I'll say. You guys will either love it or hate it. I loved it.

Final word: Watch for the priest zombie. You'll know what I mean when you see it...hilarious. And watch for the arm scene...a hand upheld in a foggy'll understand when you see that too. Also, watch for the hilarious departure of two of Dennis Hopper's assistants...his personal assistant and his butler. LOL funny.

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