Largo Winch II


Action / Adventure / Thriller

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Sharon Stone as Diane Francken
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Clemens Schick as Dragan Lazarevic
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 6 / 10

Great combination of story and action...

I didn't know that this was the sequel for "Largo Winch", and if I had known I might have watched "Largo Winch" first. So for the time being I don't know how "The Burma Conspiracy" (aka "Largo Winch 2") is connected to the first movie, nor how much of a continuation it might be.

"The Burma Conspiracy" is driven by a wide-spanning story that takes place in Burma, Thailand, Hong Kong and Switzerland. And there is also a good amount of action the the movie. The movie starts out with a really impressive, and nicely filmed, car chase scene. And, of course, there is a love story here as well, so you might say there is something for everyone here.

Tomer Sisley carried the movie really well, and I think this is actually the first time I am taking notice of him, despite having seen other movies that he was in. And Sharon Stone did a good job in her supportive role opposite Sisley. And it was a treat to have Thai heavyweight actor Nirut Sirichanya in the movie too, as he always bring a level of authority to his movies.

"The Burma Conspiracy" is a movie that grabs you by the throat and take you on an adrenaline-filled roller-coaster ride. I was more than genuinely entertained by the intricate storyline, the action and the acting performances. "The Burma Conspiracy" is well-worth sitting down to watch, and the almost two hours seem to just fly by.

The only thing missing from "The Burma Conspiracy" to give it a higher rating is the lack of contents to support more than a single viewing. While the story is good, then it is, unfortunately, the type of movie that you will watch only once.

Reviewed by bruba1 3 / 10

A child is waiting

I have seen Largo Winch 1 three times, because I was taken in by the way the story has been told. Somewhat different to the way Hollywood tells a story. I looked forward for more of this kind and expected something similar with Largo Winch 2. Boy was I wrong. Whilst the first installment was fresh and had new ideas this sequel had nothing new to it. To the contrary, it just followed mainstream and Zeitgeit. Which is perhaps annoying, but bearable, especially, when your in the same mindset. But more serious is when the acting is bad, the dialogs sound wrong and the story simply is bad. And that is here the case. I can not recommend this to anybody.

Reviewed by JohnRayPeterson 7 / 10

Sequel that does not disappoint.

I loved the 2008 first motion picture 'Largo Winch'. I will no doubt have a pro bias in my review unless the movie strays too far from the original over all genre and quality. Jerome Salle's direction and his collaboration with Julien Rappeneau for the script, produced another action packed thriller. Sharon Stone figures in the top credit but it was probably to attract more of an American audience than the first movie did; her role does not require much on screen time as the billing would have you expect. What part she had, she performed as the professional she is. She has sex appeal for a 53ish, like only a handful of Hollywood hotties past their prime; they age better than us regular folks. Tomer Sisley shines once more and with no less acumen; the French production syndicate has to be proud of their on screen hero Largo Winch.

I hope we can be treated to a third part or over time even a series; this second tome ends with so much promise. Again, the quality and quantity of action output for the relatively low budget bodes well for more Largo Winch. I hope you read my review of the original 2008 release. The fight scenes are choreographed with max effect and remind me of the "Banlieu 13" movies 2004 & 2009; they generate audience Ooohs and Ahhhs like nothing else.

In fact Hollywood has been hiring Cyril Raffaelli to capture a little of that magic in films like "Live Free or Die Hard " , "Kiss of the Dragon" and "The Incredible Hulk" and countless more where if you pay attention you will notice a departure from the traditional ass kicking we now feel blase with. Look up Cyril's choreography credits and you will be impressed.

Well everyone raved about the third "Bourne "movie with Matt Damon; it's that type of action fighting I'm talking about here. Less special effects and more special training, like circus people refined training. Having seen special features about the training, the actors/stunt people go through over two three and four months even, to perform a 4 second shot is what I call dedication and the results will attract new fan following like moi. My own reaction watching a particular scene performed by David Belle (one I just referred as the 4 second shot in Banlieu 13 ), a champion also in the movement for more of this French in origin, action sequences, was a reaction with much surprise cursing. I mean numerous "Holy Sh*t" and "F*ck me" and "Damn" he's good. Largo Winch has that feel and I liked it as much as the first.

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