Late Phases


Action / Drama / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 64%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 39%
IMDb Rating 6 10 5020


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Voyou Nobodysbusiness 5 / 10

He's still got it

If you need your dose of creature feature, Late Phases may not be a great one, but it is a pleasant one nonetheless. What's rather unusual is that the best bits don't come from the creatures but from the main character, his personality, and the way he deals with things. Played by Mr Damici, I found him quite fascinating.

More points for originality come from the setting itself, a sort of village full of elderly people. Something that you don't see everyday, and that ends up playing miles above all the teenage & monsters rubbish that pollutes our silver screens these days.

Late Phases has all you might expect from a decent B-movie: not the best FX and monster suits, but personality, intriguing developments, and fun. Many things are done right, like going into action right from the start and showing the creature in the first minutes. Even the music score has a couple of great moments. So why not a better note ? Well, none of the flaws is big enough to ruin the story, but I can't just ignore all the little goofs, and the costumes do look daffy after all.

Reviewed by rottninge 9 / 10

Surprising drama dressed as a B slasher

The lead, played by Nick Damici, is what drives this movie. It's sort of a B movie slasher and drama hybrid with fantastic short but effective dialog on the verge of actionish one liners, but that stays within the realistic realm. Good casting and a straight ahead story. The slasher aspect is the meat and potatoes of the movie, the lead character is what makes it stand out. Yes, the SFX are B-grade, but I strongly believe they were never meant to be anything else. There's humor as well. Subtle for the genre, but it's there, and I think the subtleness add to the movie. There are also references to other classics in the genre, which is nice. I truly enjoyed it!

Reviewed by crdnlsyn13 8 / 10

Surprisingly Entertaining

I say surprisingly entertaining, because at first I thought this was going to be campy. I am happy to have been wrong. This was a very enjoyable Werewolf film.

A full cast of recognizable faces, some I was shocked to see again. A couple I had to look up, because I knew them, but I couldn't remember from where, and then it was a cool "Oh YEAH" discovery.

This is a movie that I wish would've had a bigger budget, as the effects could've used some more attention, BUT, too much budget would've sent this to CGI, and that would be bad. Robert Kurtzman and company did a really good job with the make up and creatures, but the story was so good, I would've liked a little more.

And about the story, VERY cool original idea, this kept me watching from beginning to end, with a smile on my face. I've seen so many films in this genre that I am very jaded, and very biased, but this one, this one was fun. Good Job to all involved!!

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