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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 7 / 10

Dreaming's easy, but chasing it needs all the effort.

Well, I praise a lot, particularly the European animations for preserving the 2D animation. That does not mean they lack behind in 3D format. The recent film 'The Little Prince' was the perfect example of a quality 3D animation outside Hollywood. Pars with Disney, Pixar standards. Technically, as well as the story contents. But the quantities are very less and also making it a bit expensive. So they usually prefer producing it in the English language for the wider/international market, keeping North America particularly in mind. This is a French English-language film that co-produced by Canada.

This is a nice film, that particularly targets little kids and mostly the girl audience to inspire Ballerina. Cute characters and scenes, but very familiar story. Shares lots of similarities with 'August Rush', except the field of interest. I am not an expert or know all about Ballet, but some of the parts involving them were turned me off. I know the gravitation force is irrelevant in animation since they're not real world to comply with science, but maybe I'm being an adult and knowing that stuff might have influenced me to think that way. It reminds me I'm really an adult, though this film should be watched as a kid despite whatever you are. However, nothing affected me from enjoying it.

It sets in the 80s of the 19th century France. At the time when Eiffel Tower and Statue of Libery were on the construction, a poor orphan girl named Felicie escapes orphanage with another boy to pursue her dream to be a ballerina. Then they arrive in Paris, and very soon they find their separate ways to achieve the goals. Not all smooth sail, especially for her. So she takes the opportunity that comes her way, even after knowing it was wrong to do.

❝You have something that she can only dream of: passion!❞

From there, with all the complications tailing her, how far she could go to make her dream come true. Which also includes the amount of dedication put on her undertaking to meet the expectations of her trainer, rivals and many others. And to show the world the interest is not simply based on enthusiasm, but willingness to sacrifice anything for it. Her journey from nothing to the edge of something new to define her life is the film that briefs for just short of 90 minutes.

This is not another 'Billy Elliot'. Animations are usually comedy, fantasy and musical, but recently the adventures and science fictions are surging. I don't remember I ever have seen an animated dance flick. Not the classical dance, not in the modern 3D animation format. The closest one was a decade old 'Happy Feet'. So that makes it is a unique product and comes under a must see for all the animation fans. But the storyline is predictable and many sequences were intentionally dragged to be cliché. Because it works, particularly if they're aiming for the younger generation who haven't seen many films in their lives. Only we the grownups whine.

Most of the voice-over artists are well known Americans actors which boosted the film. The character combinations are good. It brought the variety, especially slightly to ride off the main theme in a few occasions. Like the boy's interest in inventing things which were other major parts of the twist and turns in the narration. It is not a great animation if it was from Hollywood, but coming from France and the theme it focused on, the effort must be appreciated. Overall a much better film than what the average reviews and ratings around the internet says. It is a ballet film means not those who love it should watch it, but those target audience should not miss it. That means generally worth a watch, but not for everyone.


Reviewed by StrayFeral 9 / 10

Great movie with a major fail!

I saw this just few days ago in a local theater. In brief:

The good: + Great visuals + Nice music + Cool story

The bad: - Teen pop in a music about classical ballet! - Daisy Dukes-like pants in a 1900 France?

So generally I enjoyed the movie. It is sort of Cinderella story. My little one did not wanted to see it, so I went alone. However, this is a movie about classical ballet. There are few moments, where they actually are supposed to dance on a classical music background, so in the beginning of the movie there is a scene with the music from Swan Lake, in the middle of the movie there is a ballet school with classical music background and in the end, the final scene is supposed to be showing The Nutcracker, however on this one they play (*drumroll please*) ... CHEESY TEEN POP!!! Yep, that's right - we get ballerinas dancing ballet, supposedly on the music of the Nutcracker, but instead there is some cheesy teen pop! This is the major fail I talk about. Seriously, you cannot ruin a movie in such a bad way normally. No idea what talent you need to come up with such a stupid idea. Instead play the Nutcracker music for a minute until the credits start to flow, then transition to the teen pop. Would be much better, but no - they failed it. Also - in 1900 France they show us a girl wearing leggings and something similar to daisy dukes on top. Hellooooo? Reality check here? There is no such a girl, even in Paris in 1900s which would wear such a thing.

But again - in general the movie is fun and amusing, despite the few horrible moments I mentioned. It is also little surreal, as they show some pretty cool flying, but it's a cartoon after all, so I don't mind the daisy dukes so much (but I seriously do mind the music!).

Bring your kids, enjoy!

Reviewed by svikasha ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Part Anastasia, Part Little Orphan Annie; Wholly Appropriate for Children

Although there are many children's movies in recent memory that appeal to aspiring singers, the offering of films and even television shows for aspiring dancers is dismal. It's not like there isn't an audience. How many millions of young girls across the world take ballet classes? "Leap!" offers an alternative to recent children's movies like "Sing" to cater to all the aspiring dancers and ballerinas among us.

"Leap!" truly captures the magic of Paris at the turn of the century. As far as an animated film can anyways. The scenes of Paris's cobblestone roads and the Eiffel tower under construction are mesmerizing. Although the animation isn't necessarily top-notch for 2016, it is decent enough to be entertaining. "Leap!" tells the tale of an orphan from Brittany named Félicie, a fierce and strong spirited redhead who strongly resembles Anastasia from the iconic 1997 flick in both appearance and backstory. Félicie is an orphan who doesn't know her parents or origins. Her only link to her past is a music box with a dancer which sparks a passion for dance that leads her on a journey to Paris where she steals the identity of a cruel aristocrat's daughter named Camille Le Haut to join the Paris Opera Ballet in her place. She is accompanied by an aspiring inventor named Victor who becomes Gustave Eiffel's assistant and almost names the Statue of Liberty, "The Statue of Puberty".

While the story of "Leap!" isn't exactly unique, the best part of the narrative is the girl positive message. Although there is a chosen romantic lead for the main character, this side-story doesn't overshadow the broader story of overcoming adversity and rivalry. The lack of romance in the film makes it more realistic and puts it in stark contrast to Disney's usual offering. Felicie and her rival ultimately compete for the role of Clara in The Nutcracker. Guided by her mentor, the retired dancer Odette, Felicie overcomes her lack of formal training and becomes very talented. At one point, Odette tells Felicie, "Build on this. Feel your anger and your pain and your sorrow and your joy, and put it all into your dance. Live the music, feel it. Every note, every sound, every harmony needs to have your body vibrating from the end of your hair to the tips of your toes. And then, and only then, will you take her down". The rivalry between Félicie and Le Haut culminates in a final fight scene that occurs on the top of the Eiffel tower.

Overall, adults may find "Leap!" enjoyable on its own. But it is definitely made for kids. At least the soundtrack was on point. From classic ballet music to Demi Lovato and modern pop. If you have a daughter, or son for that matter, who has ever shown interest in dancing or ballet. Then your child simply must watch this movie. Another one like it won't come out for a while. That makes it a parental obligation.

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