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Tom Hardy as Ronald Kray / Reggie Kray
Emily Browning as Frances Shea
Paul Bettany as Charlie Richardson
Taron Egerton as Mad Teddy Smith
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Andrew Gold 7 / 10

Two of Hardy's best performances in a movie with not much else going for it.

Legend is a gripping movie, there's no doubt about it. Seeing Tom Hardy on screen, whether he's playing Reggie, Ronald, or both, is absolutely captivating. He owns the roles, and despite their identical looks you feel that they're completely different people because of how well Hardy portrays them. Reggie is sophisticated, methodical, affable; Ronnie is impulsive, unpredictable, paranoid. As a vehicle for Tom Hardy's acting chops, Legend is a home run. Unfortunately, that is where the positives of the movie end.

The movie is tonally confused from scene to scene. It can be romantic one minute, ultra-violent the next, then reserved and introspective the minute after that. It's clunky writing; every time the movie begins to gain momentum it trips on itself one way or another. Also, you really don't care about any character other than the twins. I mean, thankfully they're in just about every scene, but they're always surrounded by faceless goons, or with a generic love interest, or no-name cops - not fully fleshed out characters. This is in no way a fault of the actors though. Christopher Eccleston is wasted yet again as a villain after Thor: The Dark World. Here he's in an antihero role as the cop assigned to the Kray's case, but his lines lack any form of personality. He does what he can but he really has nothing to work with. Chazz Palminteri makes an appearance for about 5 minutes total as his usual gangster self, but in the end you're left scratching your head. So many characters, so much potential, but the only thing holding the movie together is Tom Hardy.

So as you can infer, Legend is worth a watch if you're a Tom Hardy fan. He's scarily good in these roles, and two Tom Hardys are better than one. For that reason alone I can't give this movie a lower score. However, if you're looking for substance in a gangster biopic, you'll have to look elsewhere.

Reviewed by Adam Parks 3 / 10

Hardy's double act can't carry the unfocused, slog of a script

'Legend' would, of course, suggest the infamous nature surrounding the Kray twins and their control over 60s London. Funded by Las Vegas club mongrel, Angelo Bruno (Chazz Palminteri), the Krays extort and fraud their way to the top. Except the film isn't concerned with this in the slightest. Instead Helgeland is fixated on Reggie's formulaic relationship with his pill-popping wife, Frances (Emily Browning), whose only characterization is just that. What's worse is that when we eventually do revisit the gangster plot, it becomes clear that Helgeland not only blocked each respective thread into its own act but that he crammed everything that made the Krays 'legendary' into the final 30 minutes. Rarely, if at all, do we ever see the muscling, the pursuing law, or anything that would engrave the Krays into gangster lore.

FULL REVIEW HERE: indieadam.com/2015/11/26/legend-2015-review-indie-adam/

Reviewed by Taylor Haldane 5 / 10

Not what you might expect

When you walk into a film with not one but two leading performances by Tom Hardy, who's back catalogue brings nothing but pleasure (apart from This Means War, but we'll let that slide), you cant help but feel disappointed when you leave the screen completely unaffected by what you've just watched, and that was certainly how I felt hen it came to Legend.

Labelled of course as a Kray twin biopic, it sadly offers no real insight into their story and only grazes the top of their criminal wrong doings. Instead it goes down the route of Reggie and Frances love story, who is a character so under developed that the fragility her brother so often reiterates, isn't actually explained what so ever and prevents us from feeling anything towards her.

As for Hardy he plays both characters exceptionally well, particularly Ronnie who's insanity and subsequent spontaneity provides some comic relief to it all, however his psychological state is something that could of been explored more thoroughly instead of labelling him as just nuts. The supporting cast, including Taron Egerton and Christopher Eccleston, also do a fine job though Ecclestone's police officer almost gets ignored completely.

The violence is also few and far between but when it appears they definitely don't hold back, providing entertaining scenes more reminiscent of other crime dramas and what you would expect going in. It shows us the real consequences of the lifestyle they live which does its best to offset the fairly superficial painting of 60's London but isn't enough and so the 'glossy' comments its been receiving are sadly warranted.

In the end this adds up to a rather dull final product that wastes so much potential in this genuinely interesting real life crime partnership.

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