Lemon Tree Passage


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Blazehgehg 3 / 10

Not completely irredeemable

The primary failing of this movie is a lack of communication. There's a lot of great atmosphere and sound design -- I found myself legitimately creeped out by a couple of scenes.

The problem is the movie is too in love with its own mystery, to the point where up until the last ten minutes, you're not quite sure what's going on. There's no identifiable villain, no motive, just a bunch of seemingly unrelated events mixed with hallucinations, flashbacks, and generic jump scares.

You can't ever quite be sure what's really happening. In some movies that's a benefit, but Lemon Tree Passage really could've thrown the viewer a bone earlier in the movie. Without it, a lot of this feels like nonsense. Occasionally spooky nonsense, mind you, but still nonsense. It gets boring when you aren't provided a reason as to why anything is happening.

The answer to the movie's great mystery has almost zero payoff, too. It hardly even feels like an answer, and is more of an excuse to have a somewhat non-sequiturial slasher flick.

It did make for marginally fun riffing with friends, but even then, it was largely just a lot of exclamations of "WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING?"

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 2 / 10

Should have made Lemonade......

Two Australian men introduce three American backpackers to the legend of Lemon Tree Passage, where a ghost warns young drivers to slow down.

After seeing the ghost, they uncover a force that haunts the area, and starts to shroud them.

Isolated and miles from home, the tourists find themselves caught in an evil force much more hideous than the stories that have been told....

What could have been a nice little Antipodean horror movie, gets bogged down by it's own cleverness, and poor acting from the cast.

It starts off well enough, two parties on the beach exchange stories, and go on to pursue one of the stories, but instead of going down the straight horror 'gorenography' route, which would suffice for a low budget movie, the makers have decided to be clever and do something a little different.

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and this is a prime example of the latter.

When you start to question a movie, and find yourself saying 'I would have settled for a below par I Know What You Did Last Summer', which this sets itself up to be, you know you are losing interest rapidly.

What we get is a twist on the myth, the original story is wrong, and we get a sort of weird Woman In Black revenge film.

Which bored me senseless, mate.

Reviewed by anofansn 2 / 10

Logic sucks

If I may say, this movie is nothing but scary and shocking images.

The time-line goes all over the place, screenplay makes no sense, scenario was appalling.

Basically no story that makes sense.

This movie is an insult to common sense.

That't about it.

To rectify this basic flaws would seems impossible to be done. Maybe with a believable story-line, retaking of some of the scenes, an just about OK movie can still come out of this mess.

But then again, what do I know. I never made a movie before.

The fact is, I can't enjoy this movie. Maybe you can...

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