Leprechaun 3


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Warwick Davis as Leprechaun
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Andrew Gold 5 / 10

Maybe the best in the series, though that's not saying much.

Leprechaun is another one of those horror franchises that goes on and on, sequel after sequel, new cast and crew every time, all that jazz, but unlike its fellow horror franchises like Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street, Leprechaun doesn't even try to be good. They're all unconscionably dumb. Self-aware, but dumb. There isn't even a thread of a narrative to connect the movies other than there's an evil leprechaun who speaks in ridiculous rhymes and needs his gold and will kill anyone in his way to get it. But for any fan of camp, Leprechaun may be the horror franchise for you. And I'm using horror in the absolute loosest sense of the word because I got more shivers down my spine watching Jack and Jill than I did during any of these movies. What puts it in the horror category is simply the fact that it's an evil entity that likes to kill people, and there's bountiful gore and T&A.

Having said all that, Leprechaun 3 is probably the best in the series. There's something oddly fitting about the Leprechaun running around Vegas using real magic to fool gamblers and phony magicians, which makes for some entertaining developments. The cast is passable. Discussing the acting in a Leprechaun movie is as fruitful as analyzing the intricacies between Adam Sandler's Jack and Adam Sandler's Jill (I don't know why Jack and Jill is my go-to comparison but sure, why not). But overall, it's passable; a huge improvement over Leprechaun 2's acting which was just infuriating to watch. The movie actually has a plot, too! One of the Leprechaun's gold coins falls into the wrong hands and goes from person to person in a casino, granting the holder whatever they wish for. Again, story-wise this is by far the most practical of the Leprechaun movies.

What prevents this from being a great movie is the fact that it's vehemently stupid. I know that's the point, but there were moments where Leprechaun 3 felt like a legitimately decent movie. I enjoyed where the plot was going, the Leprechaun was throwing some classic one-liners, the deaths were highly amusing, but then it would shift gears and focus on a particular character or subplot that no one cares about and it would kill its momentum. If the whole movie focused on the main narrative of the coin going 'round and 'round the casino and the Leprechaun having to go through hurdles to find it and kill every poor sap in his path, it would've been a good movie. But they throw in crap like the Leprechaun now has werewolf powers so if he bites someone, they'll also turn into a leprechaun. Also before the Leprechaun actually gets to the casino, the movie is really boring. It's like ten minutes of the Leprechaun antagonizing some random store owner and spitting out stupid dialogue for the sake of spitting out stupid dialogue with no advancement to the plot.

Truthfully, I enjoyed this movie. A lot more than I thought I would actually. The first Leprechaun was decent, just barely, because Jennifer Aniston was great eye-candy. The second one was an abomination even by camp horror standards. This is one of those instances where the third time really is a charm. I mean, it's not much of a charm, but it accomplishes what it sets out to. It's amusing, it's ridiculous, basically the quintessential stoner horror movie, and it reaches the potential that its predecessors missed. Now, is it a good movie? Get the f*ck out of here. You know it's not. But is it a fun watch? Sure it is, especially if you're under the influence of a foreign substance. Even then, as far as campy horror movies go, you could do a lot worse than Leprechaun 3. You could do a lot better, too.

Reviewed by Skeeter700 8 / 10

My favorite of the series.

Warwick Davis returns to his role as the spiteful leprechaun who'll kill anyone for his gold! This time the leprechaun must get back one of his gold coins which is making its way through the hands of patrons at the Lucky Shamrock Hotel & Casino. The third entry is not up to the level of Part 1 (whatever that was), yet features such surrealistic sites as the leprechaun impersonating Elvis, strolling amongst nudie bars, and taking up the part of an E.R. doctor. This installment has more of the leprechaun's delightful limericks and rhymes then its predecessors - and that is a definite plus. Skeeter rates it 3 out of 4, maybe 3 1/4 on St. Patrick's Day.

Reviewed by Dragoneyed363 8 / 10

The Best and the Worst One so far

After getting the Leprechaun trilogy as one of my gifts for Christmas, I decided to watch them all right away, because I had been dying to view the first. Leprechaun 3 was just overall so much more enjoyable than I expected it to be. The cast and crew just had so much fun with all the material and since they knew they weren't going to make a star-studded masterpiece, they went with the best option and created a hilarious and exciting "camp gem", unlike the second one which took itself too seriously, and look how that turned out.

Leprechaun 3 is just non-stop laugh out loud entertainment. With rhymes like the leprechaun makes in this one, you can't help but laugh your tail off at how cheesy and humorous the whole film is. Also, I guess since the acting wasn't as low as you can get in some movies of this caliver, it made the movie even more tolerable and likable, and since the leprechaun was more lovable, the film was more lovable. Plus, the main guy in this film is not too bad on the eyes, such as eye candy Jennifer Aniston in the first.

Overall, there has got to be something anyone and everyone could like about this film. It deserves higher appreciation than the first and second put together for being so incredibly fun and humorous, like I have already mentioned, and is worthy of any positive reception it receives in fact, in honest my opinion.

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