Let's Be Cops


Action / Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 18%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 53%
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Nina Dobrev as Josie
Jake Johnson as Ryan
Andy Garcia as Brolin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mathijzzzie 8 / 10

Taste determines your rating of this movie

When I saw the trailer I was reluctant about seeing this movie. I was afraid it was a standard popular American comedy in which absurdity-comedy was the focus, like most stand-up comedians and Southpark. The movie does include these kind of jokes, but because of the sequence of jokes and the "story" (as in standard rom-com "story") I found the movie to be very funny. But then again it is difficult to make a movie which everybody thinks is funny, for example I think the Achorman 1 was the most hilarious movie ever but the sequel I thought was terrible. So I think you will either love or hate this movie depending on your sense of humor.

Reviewed by blueovation 8 / 10

Very very funny

Let me just start by saying that this isn't an over the top blockbuster film like everyone seems to expect from every movie that comes out now. For some reason people have these attitudes towards movies that aren't packed with insane plot holes and story details wrapped up in a cgi blanket to attempt to blow your mind. This movie is really a funny movie, no matter what anyone says. My girlfriend was having a bad day and I was low on energy to try to entertain so we went to see this for a few laughs. It didn't disappoint. I didn't go in with high hopes that there would be any real reason to like it very much but it came around within the first few minutes of the movie. We both left feeling better and like it was worth it, (and I am an adult so the 'teenager type jokes' that one reviewer referred to are unfounded). Jake Johnson really sells the image of a guy just looking for any kind of change in his life and Damon Wayans Jr. is and actor that really puts a lot of work into whatever role he is in. I don't want to ruin any of the movie with bits and pieces that I enjoyed more than the others so I am leaving you with this. If you have a desire to get enjoyment from a film without becoming emotionally invested in a story that lasts 3 movies or longer with hints and clues popping up all over the place eluding to a next installment of whatever series, (and enjoy comedy of all types) then I would recommend this highly. Not artistic, not over done, not offensive to the degree some say, just straight up good comedy. Waaay better than the terrible Seth Rogen movie "the Neighbors". Hope this helps.

Reviewed by edwardtilbury 10 / 10

Actually it was pretty good, wasn't expecting it to be such a good film

This was actually pretty funny. Seeing that this is a Wayans Brothers movie I wasn't sure if it would be too corny or have too many D&F jokes too tolerate. Usually if the comedy is too dumbed-down / "family friendly I'm out. But I was actually entertained. The D&F humor was actually funny (giant naked man) and it wasn't the crux of the movie. There's actually a good buddy cop theme here, it's hilarious to see them test the limits of their new cop powers, the antagonists are really threatening. There's a good action theme that goes along with this story, I enjoyed it. I was surprised to see Andy Garcia (Untouchables) or Jon Lajoie (from Youtube / The League) to be in this movie, two of my favorite actors.

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