L!fe Happens


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 26%
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Kate Bosworth as Deena
Rachel Bilson as Laura
Jon Heder as Wrong Number Caller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sorozataddikt 7 / 10

Surprisingly likable and feel-good. I actually thought the girls did a good job with it as well

It showed up on my Netflix watchlist after devouring Krysten Ritter's two seasons of highly entertaining Don't trust the B in apartment 23. I was looking for a light girly movie and L!fe happens delivered. I thought the story was surprisingly decent, and Krysten, Kate and even Rachel were pretty good in their limited roles. I recommend it, it was quite funny, girly, and for me at least a little thought-provoking about single mothers without being too drama and tears about it. And of course all the girls look gorgeous even with baby puke on them :) Nice little movie about friendship, plans not working out, motherhood and happy endings.

Reviewed by hongsc 3 / 10

Could Have Been Amazing!

Kate Bosworth was great in the movie. Krysten Ritter was great as well. Justin Kirk, who played Henri was great as well. And no he's not French. Rachael Bilson was amazing. They could have made a movie on just her. From Valley of Dolls to America's Last Virgin. She was awesome. So what went wrong? The script didn't have enough development in the relationships. Kim and Deena looked comfortable and their rapid fire exchange showed they had great chemistry but it didn't happen enough, which is why Bilson's character stood out the most since she did it on her own. She was sweet, innocent, fun, kind, and sexy in a sweet girl next door way. Then there's Nicolas and the baby. Why? The story centers around this for a good portion of the movie then Kim finds herself. This could have been Bridesmaid fun. Instead it ends up being a movie that falls flat. It remembers me of Life as We Know It and Friends with Kids. Both which are better than this. But I would love to see Rachael Bilson, Kate Bosworth, Krysten Ritter, and Justin Kirk do a spin off of sorts minus the baby and Nicolas. And Jason Biggs? Wasted effort.

Reviewed by Tony Heck ([email protected]) 7 / 10

A very very funny movie that is a lot like an Apatow movie. A little chick-flicky but men will like too. I did. I say B+

"Nobody tells you it's gonna be so hard...Yes they do Kim, that's pretty much all people say." Kim (Ritter) and Deena (Bosworth) are best friends. They do everything together. One night when both bring home a guy they discover a problem. One year later they are still best friends but now Kim has a baby. Trying to balance work, friends and her love life all around being a single mother turns out to be harder then she expects. This is a very funny movie that is almost done like an Apatow movie. The dialog is very witty and hilarious and keeps you laughing throughout. The beginning of the movie made me feel (as a parent) a little annoyed at Kim. It felt like she considered the baby a burden and that she didn't really want him. Her feelings did change but that part did bug me a little. Other then that and the movie being a little predictable this was very very funny and I recommend this. You will not be disappointed. I do have to say that this is more on the "chick-flick" side of comedies this will appeal to both men and women. I laughed all the way through. Overall, if you like the Apatow movies you will like this one too. I give it a B+.

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