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Torrance Coombs as Dennis
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Matt Lanter as Mike
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Reviewed by kosmasp 3 / 10

What to believe?

As a whodunit, this doesn't work, because we don't really care for any of the characters. Except Sara Paxton maybe, but that is more to the actress than the character she portrays. Other than we have pretty young people partying and one of them having met a tragic end. But how did that happen and why did it happen? Do you really care? I'd bet good money that you don't really.

Watching people party has been done better before, this is not as exciting as it may sound. And it's not because there is no nudity (well partial nudity if you want to call it that), but because there is no real spark that does go off. Whether it's for the characters or for the viewer nothing really ever does tingle a bit. A shame, because there is some talent in front of the camera who does not have the opportunity to work their acting chops properly.

Reviewed by Hellarious 6 / 10

A typical whodunit that gets extra points for its good cast

This is a relatively formulaic whodunit with a good cast, which is the movie's strength as the main actors' performances and interactions with one another make it quite enjoyable and entertaining overall. Just don't expect anything spectacular or even new from the plot, which is constructed like a basic crime television episode. It is not really a thriller if you ask me. You certainly won't get scared watching this movie.

LIARS ALL is centered around a truth-or-dare-type card game that takes place at a private party on New Year's Eve in London. The players are a group of acquaintances and close friends from the UK as well as the US. Some of them were in relationships with each other at one point but have since split up for one reason or another. Because of that, the mood is kind of tense between certain members of the group. The party guests get drunk and high pretty soon and the truth or dare game gets more and more raunchy and risky. It escalates in a breaking and entering of a nearby hotel room during which Missy (Gillian Zinser) dies from a gunshot in the neck. Mike (Matt Lanter), who's love for Missy was unrequited, and Dennis (Torrance Coombs), who left Missy for a famous pop star, were in the room with her when the supposed accident happened.

The question to be answered is if it really was an accident or if Mike or Dennis or both of them killed her. They both appear to have had motives to murder Missy after all. The possibility of a suicide is also not ruled out by the investigating detective (played by Alice Evans). She questions all the party guests individually, among them Katie (Sara Paxton), who had a relationship with Mike some time ago and would like to get back together with him. The statements of the people involved vary as to what exactly happened that night. They just don't add up. Some or or all of them must be lying. The detective has to find out who is telling the truth and who is not. Therefore, she questions them all thoroughly about their backgrounds and relationships. During the interrogation sessions, the events of the night are reconstructed multiple times in a number of possible ways. Now it is up to the detective to find out how Missy really died.

LIARS ALL is actually not too bad. Admittedly, it is stylized like your typical episode of a modern-day crime television series like COLD CASE or CSI or something, but it is still a pretty entertaining whodunit movie if nothing more. The movie is mostly enjoyable because of the well-cast actors, though, because the plot doesn't really offer any surprising twists and turns that you haven't already seen multiple times in movies and on television. Torrance Coombs' performance as the egoistic "bad guy" character Dennis can be pointed out as one of the strengths of the movie, and Sara Paxton's performance is more than solid as is typical for her. She is always believable in all the diverse roles she has taken on as an actress so far. I'm really impressed with her skills. I probably would never have watched this movie if Sara Paxton wasn't on the cast list, but I guess I would still have liked it had I stumbled upon it another way. I recommend LIARS ALL if you enjoy whodunits but don't expect anything earth-shattering.

Reviewed by zagneek1 1 / 10


Would i like to go down the pub with these people?

Id rather stay at home with the cats & mainline Ovaltine all night watching repeats of "Oh Dr Beeching" on channel Gold.

The kind of empty self serving "selfies" i like to avoid.

Its packed full of cliques. "Hey lets set the film in London. How about some American "actors", so we can flog this flick to Hollywood" etc, etc.

"I know we can have a "maverick" cop with "atitude".

Just to remind the audience where its filmed, lets show lots of close ups of Big Ben, St Pauls Cathedral etc...just in case the audience think its filmed in Manchester or Birmingham.

Oh and lets drown out the dialogue with some modern day lift muzak (R&B).

Not my bag, but probably someone out there will like it.

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