Life After Beth


Action / Comedy / Drama / Horror / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Robert Thompson (justbob1982) 7 / 10

Melancholic zomcom

Version: Grimm Up North festival screening

Actors: 7/10

Plot/script: 7/10

Photography/visual style: 7/10

Music/score: 7/10

Overall: 7/10

It's astonishing how broad the range can be even within a sub-genre of films. Life After Beth is best described as a 'horror comedy', and yet it is completely different to other horror comedies I saw on the very same day.

The comedy comes from the situation, not the characters, who are played pretty straight. Beth (Aubrey Plaza) comes back from the dead, forcing her boyfriend Zach (Dane DeHaan) and parents (John C Reilly and Molly Shannon) to confront their grief and the conflicted feelings they have about her and their lives with her. Over the film, her behaviour becomes more abnormal, and other undead appear, causing increasing chaos.

The pacing and balance of the film are remarkably well managed. Plaza does a great job with her performance, slowly showing increasing signs of deterioration from ordinary teenage girl to mindless zombie, and each other character's reaction to the bizarre situation is shown to be ridiculous at one point or another. I note that director Jeff Baena's main other contribution to film is co-writing the script for David O. Russell's surreal comedy 'I Heart Huckabees', and I think he should really be seen as a writer who has taken up directing.

Lots of ideas are explored through Life After Beth, such as grief and the way our memories change as time passes. There is a little bit of action and tension, but mainly this is a melancholic, thoughtful piece which brings humour out of the behaviour of normal people in an abnormal situation. It's a writer's film, and an actor's film, and I found it rather touching as well as entertaining.

Reviewed by Nikker1985 9 / 10

Unique zombie movie.

In my opinion Dane DeHaan is an amazing actor. Even though I have vowed to never see a found footage movie again, I did struggle through the entirety of Chronicle which was to no one's surprise...a found footage quality movie.

But then I saw DeHaan in Amazing Spiderman 2 where he successfully helped the audience understand why he is so angry and why he has reason to be a villain. So similarly, in this movie he conveys realism under surealistic situations.

If zombies were real... this is how it would go down. I am trying to understand why I loved this movie but it all comes down to one fact. Real characters.

I keep mentioning again and again how some movies kill off characters and sad music is playing and you are supposed to feel sad feel nothing at all. And all the Hans Zimmer in the world wont make you cry.

But then, there are movies whose plot revolves around a robot with scissors for hands, or a kid that grows up after a wish, or a dude who lost his volleyball in the ocean.

And this is a movie with real characters for whom you care. Realistic dialogue, awesome situations. Truly a one of a kind movie. Neither a horror nor a comedy flick...not even a romantic one.

Just a story of how it would go down with a little bit of silliness in it.

Beth's parents are in denial about their daughter which is only natural. Dehaan's reaction after finding out Beth is still alive and how he goes temporarily insane and re falls in love with her. How Beth loses touch with her humanity gradually and how a zombie uprising is about to occur are all awesome elements.

I loved watching this movie. The cast is wonderful and Audrey Plaza earns my respect as someone who is not afraid of destroying her image.

I have reached a point in my life where I am bored as hell of watching clichés and formulas. Every alien movie needs a "bomb" the mothership ending. Every possession movie needs a girl acting silly and talking in voices. Every zombie movie needs people barricading themselves in malls. Every disaster movie needs explosions and footage of the Aiffel tower and the Acropolis getting destroyed.

Not Von Trier's Melancholia that had a different approach to destruction movies.

Nor Jeff Baena's Life After Beth that had a different approach to zombie movies.

If you want the same old sith,a typical zombie movie ...go for Land of the Dead [2005]. If you want a different approach...Life After Beth is excellent.

I wish the audience was a little bit more supportive to movies like this.

I know that a 9 score is reserved for super awesome movies that are classics and that will stand the test of time, with awesome acting, photography, story telling techniques, music and the whole package.

Regardless, I am going to give this movie a 9 because I loved watching it and given the ridiculous material they had to work with (a dude in love with a zombie) they did an excellent job.

Reviewed by Diego Cuevas 2 / 10

A Different Zombie Film But Without Laughs or Scares

First time director Jeff Baena has made a film so dull and unwatchable by the end of the movie where the usual end credit scene he can't even fill a whole 90 minute movie he has to put DVD commentary at the end. That is how you know how much he tried to drag a film to get a full 90 minute movie. Last years Warm Bodies was dull and uninteresting but this takes it to the dumpster. It is the most dreadful film to sit through I have seen this year. Boring unfunny and situations that are meant to be either funny or life threatening where director Edgar Wright did with something right like Shaun of the Dead and everything that film succeed in this fails on all levels. The first fifth-teen minutes of the film was OK but totally after that the film falls harder than the time John C. Reilly gets drunk in almost all his movies.

The real problem is having faith in Park & Recs big star Aubrey Plaza still can't find a vehicle to take her to big movie stardom. Unlike Chris Pratt you is Star-Lord. But never the less this is one film where the actual danger is less worrying than to excited about. And she does nothing for the screenplay to move along it is really as dead as the zombies. All the actors are really trying there best to stay awake and bring some joy charm anything to bring life in this awful film. Just a waste of good actors giving nothing else to do except give awful lines that don't mean anything to solve a story or provide any comical death or even the worst it is just a bore.

As for the zombie aspect is the worst because they like smooth Jazz and attics. It just doesn't work like Warm Bodies. Zombies are for no other reasons for them to eat people and for humans to kill them in horrific ways but you never get that in this film. To me good zombie movies are exactly that and this is one that does not provide anything useful or even funny new or what it is trying to accomplish a spark or romance between the two main characters and it is terrible.

I really wanted to like it but prepare yourself for one dull comedy, thrill less horror film, and worst and romcom that fails on all level. Also last the tone is all over the place there is supposed to be actual threat for these people going through the zombie apocalypse that is incredibly uninteresting.

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