Like Father, Like Son


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thom-P 10 / 10

American exploitation masterpiece of the seventies

Duke Mitchell's THE EXECUTIONER looks like it was shot for fifty bucks over a long weekend. That said, it is still one of the very best American gangster films ever made. Alternately mean-spirited, tragic, poetic and downright hilarious, it pushes the envelope beyond the bounds of acceptability and offers no apologies. This is about as raw and honest as it gets, folks. An absolute must-see.

Reviewed by NickNameNotAllowed-2 10 / 10

Massacre Mafia Style- Better than The Godfather -even today

First off, this movie has the greatest opening ever! Its a classic B-movie and I can't believe it is so neglected by modern audiences.

Duke Mitchell's wrote, directed and starred in this mafia classic. Mitchell is mostly know for his pairing in comedy group where he was the Dean Martinish character. He appeared as this character in the horrible B-film Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla. A must see for those who love films so bad, they're good.

But The Executioner (aka. Massacre Mafia Style) isn't a horrible film that is good. The movie itself is fun. And seems not to take itself too serious. The acting isn't good, but its enjoyable. The clichés are full blown. And ultimately, the story is a tragedy.

The son of a mafia boss (Who was exiled from America) returns to California, to reclaim his family's honor and position in America. he is ruthless and starts wars with reigning mafia, At first planning to gain control of the pimps and pushers. Later getting involved with the porno industry.

Spoiler: I enjoyed the motif of Italian tradition involving the breaking of bread with items in it. Its use at the end, hiding the gun that will kill our hero in the bread, was a great touch. Representing the tradition and tragedy within one family .

i can't wait to see Gone with the Pope. its trailer looks amazing.

Reviewed by TheMarquisDeSuave 7 / 10

One of the best bad movies ever made and surely the campiest tale of the mafia caught on screen

"The Executioner" (better known by its more exploitive title "Massacre Mafia Style") is the most jaw dropping and unintentionally hilarious film I've seen in a long while. Its certainly the most kitschy tale of the mafia I've seen, with everyone in this film resembling a bad lounge singer. Auteur Duke Mitchell directed, wrote, produced, starred, and even composed the especially annoying music to this one, and proved to be completely inept in all departments. However, its that special Ed Wood style of incompetency where its obvious the maker had a lot of enthusiasm in his project, making everything even more over-the-top. Mitchell strives for the scope of "The Godfather" but has about fifteen dollars to work with.

There are several memorably campy moments to be found in this film. The opening is a real stunner, one of the most unforgettable opening sequences in film history (for better or worse). Again, its obvious Mitchell was trying to make something of quality, but his incompetence and budget limitations got in the way. Not to mention his hair, which is dyed gray to show aging (rather blatantly also). Also, the dialog is unbelievably politically incorrect and bound to offend most ears. However, psychotronic fans enjoy this kind of talk, and "Massacre Mafia Style" is a true exploitation gem. Now if only Grindhouse would get around to releasing the DVD! (7/10)

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