Lila & Eve


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Jennifer Lopez as Eve Rafael
Viola Davis as Lila
Aml Ameen as Stephon
Andre Royo as Skaketti
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by robinvankeer 10 / 10

Real life, real feelings

I cried not because it's the saddest story of all time but because it's real. This movie makes you feel alive even tho a lot bad things happen. Jlo and Viola Davis fit together in a way nobody has ever experienced. You can feel the pain, the emotions, the struggles. I really think people should see this one because they make us aware of the good and the bad about losing someone. The only few things that bother me are the final scenes. They could've been more exiting and clearer so that we wouldn't have to figure out what happened exactly. That's why I didn't gave a 10/10. It amazed me how good and realistic a thriller movie could be. Beautiful movie, great actresses... WELL DONE !

Reviewed by lilladyytrill 10 / 10

Important lesson for many whether grieving or not

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. Funny how these grieving mothers believe taking somebody else's life is going to take away the pain they feel for their own children. Apart from this, wonderful movie. It will probably receive many awful reviews, since many seem to believe Ms Lopez does some terrible acting and that Viola Davis is far too superior than her. Perhaps Lila and Eve will make you see her acting skills in a different way. Somewhat great plot twist. Nobody is the victim in this film, as nobody but nobody plays innocent. Everybody is doing something. It most likely isn't something award winning, but certainly something to see. It teaches an important lesson. 10 out of 10, not for the 'normal' spectacular reasons, but because it is its own kind of spectacular. As others say; 'A gem of a film'.

Reviewed by Tony Heck ([email protected]) 6 / 10

Not a bad movie but essentially a hard edge Lifetime movie that doesn't really appeal to everyone like it wants. I give this a B

"Maybe we could help each other." Lila (Davis) is a loving mother who has just lost her son in a drive by shooting. She is frustrated at the lack of evidence as to who and why and is getting upset at the police who do not seem to be doing all they should. She joins a grieving mothers support group and meets Eve (Lopez) who has also lost a child. When she tells Lila they should track down the killer themselves things become violent, and Lila and Eve do all they can to avenge their lost children. This is a movie that started out with so much promise but began to become repetitive and lose its edge the longer it went on. The movie is still very good and worth seeing but the movie Death Sentence with Kevin Bacon was very similar, and I though much better. The biggest fault I have with this movie is that it was geared toward the Lifetime movie crowd but added enough to make it an R rating. The movie never really makes it out of the Lifetime feel and to me that hurt it. Overall, not a bad movie and worth seeing, but essentially a hard edge Lifetime movie that doesn't really appeal to everyone like it should. I give this a B.

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