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Jean Reno as Charly Matteï
Gabriella Wright as Yasmina Telaa
Marina Foïs as Marie Goldman
Guillaume Gouix as Le Morvelous
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Reviewed by kosmasp 9 / 10


Jean Renos character would probably not even smile at 50 Cents near-death experience. That wouldn't even be considered a scratch in his book. But apart from this (useless?) trivia, there is so much that you can find in this movie. Jean Renos characterization for once. The story and the other characters too.

Of course you could say that this is romanticising an evil person a bit. But then again, this is a movie. You cannot try and apply rules of real life to it. Other movies with criminals involved might have been worse in that regard. And after all, there are experiences in life, that are truly life-changing. And if what Renos character has gone through does not count, what else does?

It's not all drama though, there is a good portion of action to be found here. And very well shot (no pun) and acted out. The end could not have been any other. At least not for me. Highly recommended

Reviewed by Greywolf907 5 / 10

More cliché than bullets.....

...and that's saying something!

Jean Reno sleepwalks his way through this film playing anti hero Charly Matei, a retired Marseilles gangster who is brutally gunned down following his retirement from the mob.

The premise throughout the film is that it is impossible to escape your past, no matter how many new leaf's you turn over, someone, somewhere is still looking for you.In matei's case it is childhood friend and mob boss 'Zak' who Matei sold his gangland enterprise to.

For reasons never made clear in the film Matei has to be killed because Zak has now expanded the business to include cocaine manufacture and distribution.

Pumped full of bullets and left for dead Matei begins to piece together who was responsible and following the brutal murder of loyal henchman Karim Matei packs his family off for safety and embarks on a one man killing spree culminating in a tense stand off with Zak.

Throughout the film is littered with lazy cliché' after cliché' and there are no real surprises along the way, it's not even stylish in the way that perhaps French Cinema should be.

Lazy, hampered by a poor script, and plodding in places Reno hams it up almost in 'Omage to Vincent Price, the scene in the car with Goldman as he begs her to have some compassion for his kidnapped son and his lip quivering is just text book ham, as is a later scene where he struggles his way through more barbed wire than those landing on the beaches on D Day encountered.

Pure hokum, but won't tax your cerebral cortex too much if you have nothing better to do on a rainy day.

Reviewed by Wouter Vos 6 / 10

Fast paced, but nothing that hasn't been done before and filled with clichés

I went to this movie in Sneak Preview, otherwise I probably would not have gone to watch it. The thought of watching a two hour thing about a French mafioso (do they even have Mafia in France?) who survives 22 bullets and then goes on a rampage of revenge, just doesn't appeal to me...

I'm going to have to admit that the movie wasn't really that bad though. There were some nice (and also brutal) scenes and Jean Reno was his usual steady self, nothing spectacular, but not bad either... overall the acting wasn't too bad. Not outstanding either, but given the fact that there are a lot of French nobody's in the film, (no disrespect intended!) that was a pleasant surprise.

However, there were too many cliche's in this movie to make it anything more than amusing. The whole story was very predictable, with no unexpected plot twists or anything spectacular that will make it memorable.

Conclusion: If you wanna lay back and watch an entertaining movie, this is probably one for you. However, if you are looking for a little more depth, pass on this one. It's not like you haven't seen this before...

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