Little Brother, Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

Not quite magical and little in originality and scope but big on fun and charm

As said in my review for the predecessor 'The Flight Before Christmas' (which to me was surprisingly enjoyable), love Christmas films, and Christmas is my favourite time of year. Am also a fan of animation, always have been since 2 years old getting into the Disney classics and always will be. So would see anything that are a mix of both, especially when this mix has seen films and specials that are good to classic (notably the best of the Rankin/Bass Christmas specials).

Its sequel 'The Magic Reindeer' (the UK title) isn't quite as good, rated them about the same but 'The Flight Before Christmas' gets the slight edge, but comes close. There is nothing here that will blow the mind, but it is an easily likable watch and passes the time effectively. Like 'The Flight Before Christmas', 'The Magic Reindeer' is not perfect, not many films are in retrospect, but to me as a family film it ticks most of the right boxes with room for improvement.

'The Magic Reindeer's' weak point is the story, that it's standard again is not quite as forgivable this time, 'The Flight Before Christmas' felt much fresher and livelier in pace whereas there were parts where this felt tired.

Some of the dialogue again lacks natural flow and cheesy and there are oddities in the translation.

However, the animation is great and actually more even in quality than the previous film with the characters looking better and more consistent quality-wise. It's very lavishly coloured and most of the characters are drawn well particularly the reindeer. Where it scores most highly is in the meticulously imaginative and colourful backgrounds and the attention to detail for the little things as well as the big effects. Another improvement, while still not spectacular, is the voice acting which is hardly amateurish.

Music once more has liveliness, atmosphere and nuance, and the film again is successful in appealing to all ages, children and adults alike. The former will lap up the amusing and innocent humour, the cute characters, the easy to relate to themes the film teaches, the exciting adventurous elements and the quirkiness. The latter will be surprised again at the more mature (though not as much as the previous film and may actually may be more to people's tastes) content that appeals to them and how mostly well handled it's done, it's not disturbing or overdone and doesn't feel misplaced or like the film didn't know what it wanted to be or who to aim it at.

Parts that are more mature in nature may go over children's heads but they have enough to enjoy anyway elsewhere so it shouldn't be a problem. Meanwhile adults will like its cuteness, charm, the family and friendship values (not new but universal, relevant and important) and how sincerely and not patronisingly they're delivered and the universal message, as well as seeing how children are enjoying it. Things are kept simple but with respect. There are dark tense scenes that are likely to scare the very young, but there is nothing traumatising, most viewers will take these scenes well though me thinks.

Characters, with charming heroes, funny sidekicks, threatening but never too scary villains and a lovingly neutered family, are easy to warm to (although Niko learnt from his mistakes better before). One will relate to the main character's story (another aspect that both children and adults will like), the action excites and while the pace could have been brisker it's not dull either.

Overall, fun and charming sequel, that goes with the first well even though not quite as good, if lacking originality and magic. 7/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by yeltzmanmatt 8 / 10

An enjoyable and visually great animated film.

This has recently been on SKY movies in the UK under the name 'The Magic Reindeer'.

It follows a young reindeer who is searching for his brother who has been kidnapped. It's a fairly standard tale but is illuminated by some good characters and some gorgeous animation. Unlike many animated tales we are thankfully spared any really annoying characters.

There are some genuinely funny moments to go with the usual animated adventure. Rather surprisingly for an animation it does cover the issue of parent separation which I found a bit strange in a children's film, however I don't necessarily think this is a bad idea.

I really enjoyed this film and more importantly so did my children who are after all the target audience. An animated film that deserves a wider audience.

Reviewed by Abby Richardson 1 / 10

Pep talk for broken home kids not very Christmassy

I put this on for my little girl never seeing the first one, and I never paid attention before but wow a lot of movies now a days are really pushing the single parent spotlight or broken home spotlight-is it that hard to believe that two people can stay together that we even make reindeer have broken homes in kids movies?! Never saw the first Niko movie and have no interest in seeing it or ever having my kid see this again. I was expecting a Christmas movie but got a pep talk for kids of broken homes whose parent is dating someone new. Spent so much time on that that I dunno when the Christmas part took place aside from the beginning when the reindeer were doing practice runs for Christmas eve-only thing Christmas like I saw-course eventually I cheered inside for bath time so I could turn this movie off (before it was over) so I don't know if they ever got to Christmas stuff after they were done pushing their broken home agenda.

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