Little Shop of Horrors


Action / Comedy / Family / Horror / Musical / Romance / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 90%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 53819


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Bill Murray as Arthur Denton
John Candy as Wink Wilkinson
Steve Martin as Orin Scrivello - D.D.S.
Christopher Guest as The First Customer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phelpsdavid23 9 / 10

Just absolutely great..

Watching this movie currently at 1am at work for the first time in 15 years (watched it when I was a kid) and I enjoyed every part of this movie. Didn't notice at all that Rick M. can sing. Favorite song is "Suddenly Seymour", calm to BOOM vocals on both parts, loved Ellen Greene. People on the discussion forums say her voice is annoying, I disagree insanely, he voice is the most attractive part of her character. Okay so great movie, great songs, a decent dark comedy/ musical, a entertaining movie for the family to watch. Though swearing is some what common but great movie. Enjoy, its worth a once-watch at least, for all you skeptics out there.

Reviewed by djfoster 9 / 10

Loving homage to B movie ideals

One of the most unappreciated films of the eighties, the songs, performances, and especially the affectionate screenplay all harken back to the cheap old days of Roger Corman and his B movie compatriots. From Steve Martin's sadistic Elvis-inspired dentist to the early girl-group rock score, "Little Shop" moves with an appropriately cheesy style that lets you in on the joke, yet never insults you for loving those poverty row movies.

Reviewed by Archangel Michael 1 / 10

Depravity: The Musical

Spoilers Ahead:

I am just so gauche. Forgive me, was that a song by a girlfriend beating, sadistic dentist on a motorcycle to a catchy Elvis tune supposed to be funny? How about one pushing a grandma off a cliff to a Lady GaGa tune? Do lyrics even matter anymore? Yes, another nice song about, how because downtown is awful and dangerous, apparently we are morally justified in doing just about anything to anybody? Ellen Greene's voice sounds like the slow strangulation of a cat; I understand it is supposed to provide moral justification for Martin whaling on her but, no, believe it or not it is still wrong. What do you expect from the man who featured the rape of a hot blond by a lonely, giant maggot in Galaxy Of Terror? Can I say something? The more of your movies I watch the more motion lights and weapons I am buying. Who is our hero in this film: The pathetic, acne covered geek who could not get action in a bordello? The girlfriend beating, sadistic dentist? The greedy, cruel florist? See, if all of your characters are loathsome swine, believe it or not, it makes your movie a pile of poop. What is with the traveling chorus, is this Sophocles?

The movie is not bad; the movie is disturbing. I love when Miss Piggy decides to spare Seymour from killing Martin; later, he feeds Mushnick to the plant. We are treated to the shadows of him dismembering him in the back alley. Look, Yoda, if you are going depraved on us try not to P out OK? Crappy it is, run from the theater you should. What was the point with Martin? The film is not funny; the movie is revolting and repulsive. Some times being a philosopher here is such a task: depravity set to catchy music is still depravity. Everyone in the movie, including the cat screecher, is a loser or a depraved maniac. Who gives a crap about any of them? I am supposed to sympathize with Seymour? He is our hero? The murdering, acne covered dweeb?

Look, Oz sucks as a director, all of his pictures stink. After this, he made Dirty Rotten Scoundrels which also was not funny. Young people, this opened in the back of a ten theater multiplex, within two weeks the movie was gone forever. My brother and I had never seen a new movie open in that small of a theater; it is obvious that the manager had screened it before the opening. It is not funny; it is fruity and freaky. It bespeaks a mind desperately in need of high voltage liberally applied to the cerebrum. Bill Murray makes a cameo as a masochist seeking sexual satisfaction frequenting dentists like others do bars. Bring the kids. If you like woman beating, dismemberment, cat strangling singing, and mass murder; hey, this is the film for you. Yes, when I saw his giant maggot ripping that woman's clothes off and sliming her; then use your imagination, the first thought was he ought to make a musical. What a genius!!

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