Lords of London


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Reviewed by paulmainon 7 / 10

It seems I came to this movie expecting the opposite of everyone else.

I thought it would be just another Cockney wide boy gangster flick, the likes of which are usually quite bad and bore me silly (especially if Danny Dyer makes an appearance). The only saving grace, I thought, would be the casting of Ray Winstone. How surprised I was.

I honestly don't understand why the majority of reviews on here are quite so bad. Yes, perhaps the title is a bit misleading, as is the cover, but I suspect the marketing of it in the UK had little to do with the film makers. Maybe the other watchers on here expected the sort of movie I really didn't want it to be, I don't know. Without giving anything away, I would suggest trying this movie and making your own mind up. If you love films like Angelheart, as I do, then this might appeal to you. It has an element of a gangster movie to it but with more depth. It explores the paradoxes of the characters lives, the decisions made, how a people may be doomed to make the same mistakes as those before them and what the consequences may be. What if one could reflect on those life choices and change them, even with great sacrifice?

I liked this film. A good story, good locations, well shot, well thought out and well acted. Not specifically a gangster film, but a film with a conscience. Is it a time travel gangster film? Perhaps. Is it a supernatural gangster film? Maybe. Is it an action film? No it isn't. Is it thought provoking? Almost certainly. Is it original? I'd say so. Watch it and make your own mind up.

Reviewed by Jonny Paton 1 / 10

Doesn't do what it says on the tin

Totally misleading title and description.If,like me,you see Ray Winstone and like the sound of the title do yourself a huge favour and steer well clear of this movie.It thinks it's very clever but it's far from it.Actually now that I'm sitting here about to describe how bad it is,words fail me so I'm going to recommend that you watch it then you can share my pain.It's about 90 minutes of your life that you will never ever,ever get back.The acting I can't fault and the setting is lovely but nothing can save this movie.Slow and boringly paced,lack of direction,decent idea but badly executed.I could go on but I have stuff to do for the next couple of days.

Reviewed by peter-martin-899-161468 1 / 10

just awful

I've only just registered on IMDb so that I could comment on this movie. A very misleading video cover, and an absolute rubbish movie. Honestly it would be impossible to write a spoiler for this movie, it is just so awful. It is obvious from the get go that the guy is dead and this is some sort of spaghetti western style morality play. The acting is very poor and is reminiscent of the made for late night TV films pumped out of British budget studios during the 1960s and 70s. I still remember Ray in Sexy Beast - great film. When I saw Ray on the cover I thought "Hell Yeah - this'll be good". It was very dishonest marketing and a thorough waste of my time and money. I read one or two good reviews of this movie and I can only assume that those reviewers are either bots or extremely bored and far too easily pleased.

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