Lost Time


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Luke Goss as Carter
Lin Shaye as Mysterious Woman
Chelsea Ricketts as Eva Sterling
Robert Davi as Dr. Xavier Reed
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by reallyevilboy 2 / 10

This movie hurt me.

I am an avid alien abduction enthusiast. Movies that would be given really bad reviews I would enjoy merely for the sake of the alien abduction theme.

It's a rare theme, a genre I desperately seek movies on. A well done alien abduction movie will scare the pants of me and leave me awake night after night watching the open door.

This was not one of them. If I was even slightly entertained by this movie I would have lovingly given this a 5 or 6 star rating. But No.

The film had potential as well, the script started off okay but was executed in such a way that the only thing stopping me from turning it off was my desperate need to see another alien abduction movie. Then the script went bad, really bad.

This movie hurt me.

Can someone please make a descent alien abduction film?

Reviewed by quasides 1 / 10

WTF was that?

To be honest i hate those abduction movies. But for some reason i gave that one a shot, well bad Mistake.

The Story: This Movie doesn't make any sense. Nothing make sense. Not the how, not the why. Not the characters, their behavior, the storyline. Its like a 12 Year old wanted to make an Abduction story and this is the result and no he is not talented. - And yes i could do better - i think most of the viewers could do better.

And just when i thought it cant get weirder, cant get worse, cant be more nonsense - well this film surprises and it gets worse, it gets weirder the end - well don't know how to put this - the worst possible turn around to make it a happy end.

The Acting: Well mostly rubbish and overdoing. Specially the main actress is annoying. Flat stereotype characters, you simply don't care what happens to them. They are overacting, they are constantly hysterical and annoying.

The technique: Well the movie has a dirty look, all actors look pale, Grey, not really dark but also not "bright". The effects are unnecessary but also way below you tube standard. But the real joke are the props, seriously, it just look like crap. And the Music, well no words,.. look at other reviews lol

Bottom Line: Its pure crap. For a thriller you must have at least a little sympathy for the characters, but you don't, you just hope the movie ends as fast as possible and if that means everyone shall die as fast as possible way then so be it.

To be honest i cant even express my real feeling about this Movie without hitting the language filter ob IMDb

Reviewed by Marcus Suat Luger 1 / 10

Painful to watch - Looks like a short was blown up to 4-6 times it length

This was one of the worst 2-3 movies I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot. And sadly, this is no overstatement.

Short version: It REALLY looks like they took a bad 10-15 minute short, and blew it up to the length it has now. And this is not a cute way to describe the quality, but probably what *really* happened here.

Long version: After seeing it, I was asking myself two questions: What were they even going for, what was this supposed to be? And why did nobody stop them and why didn't they at least try to improve it?

And to me, it seems obvious, that at some point they did become aware of the fact, that they can't rescue it, and went into "lets get it over with" mode, and they did the worst thing possible: They made countless "playing for time" shots to get the length: Without plot, dialog, action, effects or *anything* happening.

Additionally they tried to take the mystery ("what did really happen?") route, but at the same time, everybody - the audience and all characters - know what happened from the beginning. While the characters try to find out "what happened", they literally say what happened.

Lost Time could have been a more or less good 10 minute short. What were they thinking? There were established actors and crew involved, why didn't they stop this madness? I can't stress this enough: Most parts really look like they were made on one weekend literally without any screenplay with the objective "we need another 45 mins, and we need it as cheap and fast as possible".

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