Lost Wilderness


Action / Adventure / Family

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lorirocha 10 / 10

What a good movie, wow!

What a good movie, wow! Very entertaining and heartfelt. Whole family liked it! This is one of the most heartfelt movies I have seen in a while. Beautiful scenery, pretty exciting, Things start going bad when the kids start taking advice from an overconfident kid who is in pursuit of a hidden treasure left behind from his estranged father. This story shows you just how quickly plans can fall apart when your in the middle of the wilderness. Its surprising more people aren't lost in similar situations when you think of all the inexperienced campers heading out each year. The bear scene might not be appropriate for really young viewers under five. Love the ATV stuff. Awesome movie and message.

Reviewed by koderrimo 1 / 10

A complete waste of time

So far the worst movie I have seen in 2016 and 2017. The acting is poor, fake and it doesn't transmit any emotions. Going to an end-of-the year middle school play is definitely a better option. The movie, despite being set around an astonishing scenery has no capacity of transmitting the beauty of the surrounding. The lightening is poor despite the photography being decent. The sound management is also really bad, something the actors voices are really loud and some other times you can hardly hear them speak because of the surrounding noise. Overall, the screenplay is amateurish, boring and doesn't provide anything other than 2 hours of boring scenes with no pathos whatsoever. I really don't see how people could have rated this **** 9 or 10, this is just pure rubbish. Save yourself this waste of time and engage with something else.

Reviewed by danielchase-72316 10 / 10

The story delivered suspense, some laughs and heartfelt moments

You will be pleasantly surprised. Lost Wilderness has a lot of heart! It has riveting and very memorable characters that make it really unique. The scenery is breathtaking. It will remind you of "Stand By Me" only with a message of hope for young people and parents alike and isn't preachy but tackles some of the realities of divorce and blended families with thoughtfulness and compassion while still being fun! Anyone who enjoys the outdoors, has kids and has been through a marriage breakup and the aftermath that can come with that will not want to miss this little jewel of a film. If your looking to laugh, cry or just be entertained by a feel good coming of age tale, you can't go far wrong .

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