Lost Wilderness


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by halucaceres 1 / 10

To award this a star would be generous

Where to start? 1. Horrible casting, worse than highschoolers 2. The plot is as predictable as it comes. Even worse. 3. The acting eliminates any kind of drama from the plot as they are incapable of showing any emotion whatsoever, regardless of the situation they claim to be in. 4. This is an example of two hours wasted of our time. My wife and I were making a comedy out of it as we could not find any other thing to do with this movie. 5. Somehow this movie had 8.5 stars. We are writing this to make the rating closer to the reality and avoid this traumatic experience to other watchers.

Do you know one of those movies that you will always remember, even after years, due to its poor quality, horrible cast and woeful plot? Jackpot here.

Do yourself a favour: pick a letter of the dictionary and start reading. That's much more entertaining!

Reviewed by studentdfs 9 / 10

Family adventure in the wild with a blended family theme

There is no Hollywood a-listers in this indie film but for me and my kids it hit all the emotional marks, we laughed, we cried, the bear attack was scary. It's not a big budget film but the location where they shot it contained some breathtaking scenery. Families who have a camping background will appreciate and understand how quickly things can go wrong in the wild.

One bad decision after another put these kids in big trouble. The performances from the young cast was great. It wasn't as adult oriented or hardcore as 'Stand By Me' but the story had that vibe to it.

I'm a musician and appreciated the country flavored guitar based sound track, so I was pleased with that as so many indie films fail in that area.

We are a blended family and it actually allowed my kids to process some of the things they have been feeling in our new family. We recently watch Tomorrowland and my boys liked this better.

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