Louder Than Words


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Adelaide Kane as Stephanie Fareri
David Duchovny as John Fareri
Hope Davis as Brenda Fareri
Xander Berkeley as Dr. Lansen
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Reviewed by thorwilliams1 8 / 10

anti-vaccine review

the movie was good. however, that is not why I am writing. apparently, jenny McCarthy has been writing reviews for this movie. please, there is no connection with vaccines and autism. this is dangerous and puts children's lives at risk.

there is a link between pesticides and autism but not with vaccines. Please disregard the review from Rene. it appears to be little more than anti-science, anti-vaccine propaganda.

the movie itself is a tender tribute to a family who helped shape the way children's hospitals are created. the child and the family should be the focus of this review. not the rantings of some mad women who would have people not have their children immunized against diseases that can cripple or kill.

Reviewed by M MALIK 5 / 10

This Film Includes Good Acting But Missing Sharp Editing

This film is based on a real life story it also got some of my favorite actors specially Xander Berkeley & Adelade Kane.

The Cast:Hope Davis,David Duchovny Adelade Kane is hot i cant take my eyes of her Xander Berkeley was a surprise he usually plays a bad guy in every movie or TV show most famous ones are the mentalist & Nikita but main highlight is Olivia Steele Falconer who played her part extremely well.

This films main focus is the dream of Maria Fareri even i didn't knew about her until i saw this film & did a little research on her i was 5 years old when she died yes the year was 1995 i am a 90s kid as the film ended i said it to myself why this film is not famous enough & why it was not made in the last decade but its never too late i guess.

The Plot:Maria Fareri is a young great girl full of life who just got infected with rabies but before she could be healthy again she dies leaving her parents & family apart but maria' parents discovers her hidden items discovering her wish for a biggest children's hospital in the world.

My jaw just dropped wide opened at her death scene just when i though the film has ended now what there comes a twist the parents are trying hard to build the hospital but that is one hard target to achieve,the fact is these people where going through a phase of loss if you know what i mean if you lost a loved one & you also care about that something like that wont happen to others you will do anything for it.

The makers tried to keep it very real but editing section is a huge minus point plenty of unnecessary scenes that gives a vibe of fictional elements should have been left out for example the cars they are driving the locations they are at don't look like 90s if you forget the flaws the good acting and narrative will keep you hooked.

It's not about money,faith its about what is right the world needs more people like Fareri family that is all i have to say.

Overall Louder Than Words 2013 is nice film to watch if you like good stories forget the critics and watch this my rating is 5/10.Recommended

Reviewed by folkie46 6 / 10

beware of internet reviewers

This is mostly to set the record straight about this film. Jenny McCarthy wrote a book with the same title as this film. The book and the film have nothing to do with each other. Jenny McCarthy is someone who unfortunately has the power to promote her own ridiculous beliefs, which have ultimately caused a great deal of harm to children. This movie is about a family that did something that has helped thousands of children. Rene Ruiz either did not see the film, or is so delusional to think the movie was based on the book, and was disappointed there wasn't more about autism (there is nothing remotely related to autism in the film). The film is not the best made one in many respects, but it will trigger a strong emotional response as the dream becomes a reality. Most of the film is devoted to the events leading up to the idea to build a hospital and only the last third to the project itself. While in reality it took about 10 years from when Maria died until the hospital opened, the film makes it seems like no time at all. The persistence and I'm sure many problems that must have been encountered are not really captured by the film, which probably would have been much better focused on what it took to get it done. One final irony reflecting to the ignorant autism vaccine comments, if Maria in real life had been given a rabies vaccine, though there was really no reason she should have been, she would likely be alive today.

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