Love Happens


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 16%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Neil Welch 6 / 10

OK but not spectacular

Every now and then, for reasons known only to itself, the movie machine promotes a movie as being one thing when it is actually something very different. Love Happens is a case in point. The trailer sells it as a romantic comedy: it isn't. Sure, there are some smiles during it, but it is actually a light drama dealing with bereavement and grief.

Aaron Eckhart is good in a role which stretches him rather further than usual, and Jennifer Aniston is satisfactory in a part which demands little of her than to look attractive, occasionally pleased and, more often, rather puzzled. Martin Sheen is OK in a role which is deceitfully sold initially as one thing but turns out to be quite another. Judy Greer has a small, but entertaining role.

But pride of place must go to John Carroll Lynch with a strong, sympathetic, and very believable performance in a supporting role.

I enjoyed this movie even though I felt that it was rather glib in the way it dealt with some elements of the story (the resolution of the relationship between Eckhart and Sheen for instance).

Reviewed by Siamois 3 / 10

Not much happens... not even love

The premise of this movie held a lot of potential but unfortunately, Love Happens doesn't deliver as... not much happens in this movie.

Aaron Eckhart, who seems to struggle not to be type-casted as your average guy in light romantic stuff plays... Burke, an ordinary dude trying to overcome his wife's passing by becoming a modern-day guru for people who have lost loved ones.

Jennifer Aniston, who basically embraces her career of being typecast as a romantic interest in romantic flick plays herself once again. This time, she goes by the nickname Eloise but she'll still be that same single woman who's had a string of bad relationships and is till looking for "the one".

Director/writer Brandon Camp doesn't give the character of Eloise much substance, and seems content just to let Aniston do her usual work. He seems to have focus mainly (in the script and on screen) on Burke. In the first few minutes, it seems to work; Burke is an interesting character. The self-help speeches are well-written, the pressure on Burke's shoulders is felt.

Unfortunately, much of the movie revolves around the relationship that develops when Burke and Eloise bump into each others and begin to know each others. Their interest for each others is uninteresting and lacks credibility, in part because Eloise is so poorly sketched and also because, as we learn to know Burke's real issues, it just seems... wrong.

And as the film goes on, it just gets worse as it seems Brandon Camp doesn't understand the topic of mourning very well, and also seems to send the message that using people as emotional crutches, getting involved in relationships when you are not fully ready are good things. Many scenes are almost surreal. Releasing domestic pets into the wild, breaking and entering at your former in-laws, lying, magically curing your sense of loss by shopping at Home Depot... I like quirky stuff, but the mix of comedy, romance and the intense drama underneath wasn't done very well.

To top it off, the whole movie is wrapped in a sort of romantic relationship that never happens, and played out with two actors who have little to no chemistry together.

Aaron Eckhart is a gifted actor that should have no problem finding roles, but as far as a lead, he's been slightly unlucky and needs to select projects a bit more carefully or risk being type-casted in that type of flicks much like his co-lead.

For Aniston, this is the latest in a string of duds. As for Brandon Camp, this isn't his first project tackling grief as he wrote the poor Dragonfly (2002) and I shudder when I look at his next project, Steinbeck's Point of View, which also seems to deal with issues of life and death.

I have nothing against writers who focus on certain issues, as long as they master those issues well, which isn't the case for Camp.

Reviewed by Monty2 3 / 10

Pretty insulting and contrived

I was fairly surprised at just how unpleasant this movie was. The only things I liked about it were Eckhart, some nice visuals, and the ever so brief cameo of Gaeta from Battlestar Galactica.

About halfway through I started thinking 'this has the most product placements since the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still'. Then they went to Home Depot to 'cure' a guy with a shopping spree. There's hardly any romance in it at all, but a ton of advertising and even a band I never heard of is given a lot of screen time that felt awkward.

Aniston looked either near asleep or downright miserable during almost every scene. There are badly edited scenes like when they see her mother; it had zero point.

I especially recommend that anyone dealing with any real emotional trauma avoid this one. The cheap shots and ridiculously bland advice given will only make someone feel worse.

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