Love of my Life


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by big mas 2 / 10

this is a very boring film and it will make you sleep

it is a film that when you see the trailer you will think it is great but there is nothing great to watch and even at the end the fighting scenes it is like dancing the story is bad the acting is bad it is so bad and the film will make you confusing a moment in his house and a moment at the hospital and not just that the whipping scene is bad the star of the movie being whipped by a heavy iron chain after fifty whip i think there is nothing except a scratch and the fighting scene a fight between a grandfather and a 40 years woman i recommend that you must not ever and ever watch this film except before sleep not for a thing but to sleep fast

Reviewed by imagorilla 10 / 10

The Inception of horror films! :D

This movie had me very curious since it drew me in with the promise of a crazy woman torturing a lover. Although after finishing the movie, I realized the girl wasn't the one torturing the guy at all! SPOILER!

The film had so many twists and turns I barely knew what was going on half the time! It's a bit of a torture porn style horror with a love story mixed in and and ending that leaves you asking, "what the $#@!?"

I would however been happier if the film did in fact involve a girl doing the torturing rather than the guy, like I'd much rather see "Hardcandy 2 : Revenge of Ellen Paige" "this time with less of that weird stuff where she went too far!" that would be awesome Hollywood. Thanks!

All in all an excellent, well put together film complete with actors, lights, a camera AND a premise.

Great for the office party get together or high tea at grandma's.

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