Love the Coopers


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 19%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 12870


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Olivia Wilde as Eleanor
Marisa Tomei as Emma
Anthony Mackie as Officer Williams
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by evelinka-03969 1 / 10


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

That was the first movie that put me to sleep. For the first time in my life I wanted to leave the cinema. I went to see a Christmas comedy and saw Christmas tragedy. Such a stupid plot!!! Why all these people should be so sad and depressed?! I get the main idea of all miserable members of this family getting united at the end. BUT i can't understand why is necessary to be such slow and dramatic storyline. The main characters with their 35 years old marrage are going to devorse because they didn't go to Africa. They had so much fights all the time because of that and when the woman said "Ok, let's go to Africa", he said "No, let's stay" Really?!?! The sister Emma... she was at the back seat of the police car for 70 minutes and was having such pathetic conversation with the officer; the movie is 105 minutes! The daughter... why she and the soldier guy were walking around the airport for 50 minuts of the movie, talking so much nonsense? She is so much hurt and couldn't love again, but she has a ralationship with married man and she fall in love with the solider boy in 5 minutes... There is a son that couldn't buy a presents for his kids because he has no money but he is hiding that fact, there are two terrible teenagers making out in every corner, there is this waitress that tried to kill herself because he mother is an alcoholic... This movie killed my Christmas spirit :( The trailer is far away from the real story. People, please don't watch it, it will depress you... P.S. The only nice thing in this movie is the cute dog

Reviewed by revamp11 3 / 10

Save yourself, I wish I could have....ugh

Others have already reviewed the film with far more detail and insight, so let me just say that I went out to the movies with my spouse and it was her turn to pick. 30 minutes into the movie, she was apologizing to me and asking if I wanted to leave. I did (want to leave), but it was her pick and so I stuck it out. The film wasn't complete trash, but it wasn't very good. Not very good at all. The plot was scattered, with many scenes that seemingly had little to nothing to do to push the plot or story line along. This movie would be best suited to retirees looking for a predictable and "family friendly" holiday film and teenagers looking for a film to neck through. Despite this review, if you still want to see it, I urge you to wait until DVD.

Reviewed by laurae-86720 1 / 10


I have NEVER been so mad for spending money on a movie. 'Love the Coopers' was by far THE worst movie I've ever seen. I was so confused while watching this movie because the storyline was absolutely HORRIBLE! After watching the whole movie, I'm still confused as to what it was about. I think one of the reasons I'm so upset is because so many actors that I adore were hired for this movie, therefore I expected it to be awesome, when in reality, it sucked. Throughout the whole movie, I think I laughed about 7 times, and all 7 of those times were shown in the trailer. The rest of the movie was boring, childish, confusing, and stupid! This was truly one of the worst written movies, and I feel bad for the actors who were in it. I'm telling you, do NOT waste your money on this movie. You will regret it!

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