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Ali Larter as Molly Kingston
Chevy Chase as Lester Horn
Ashley Williams as Felecia
Matt LeBlanc as Charlie Darby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by just_anana 10 / 10

Crazy quirky fun!

Movie goers don't often have the opportunity to analyze and experience what being in love is truly like; the entertainment industry folks create this grand, pretty picture however, being in love is actually a torturous process! LOVESICK is an accurate and funny journey. We actually can relate to the lunacy of wanting someone so badly that we appear manic. I'm rather disappointed that fans have so implement a lengthy search for quality programming. I hope to see more of this. Especially enjoyable were character actors, travel imagery and over the top dialogue. Additionally there were the random cuts which added to the fun. And also (don't start a sentence with "and"), musical score is marvelous. Thank you Lovesick, I will watch again. I hope to find the DVD on Amazon. YES, I'm still watching DVDs.

Reviewed by Tony Heck ([email protected]) 6 / 10

A movie I did like and was a little more than your typical run of the mill rom-com.

"We all go a little crazy when we fall in love." Charlie Darby (LeBlanc) is a well liked principal but has troubles when it comes to falling in love. The minute he thinks he is in love he becomes instantly jealous and his mind messes with him. Any little thought makes him nervous and sets him off. He decides to never fall in love again, but when he meets Molly (Larter) his plans change. This isn't a terrible movie and I did like it. Like most romantic comedies it follows the cookie cutter formula but this one actually has a little something different to make it seem fresh. It takes aspects of many well known rom-coms and adds a little twist to them making it funny, heartfelt and stressful. Overall, a movie I did like and was a little more than your typical run of the mill rom-com. A good date movie. I give this a B.

Reviewed by planktonrules 3 / 10

Is a rom-com supposed to be this creepy?!

It's amazing how this started off so well and took a nosedive so quickly. A new film debuted on Netflix this week and I was excited to see it. After all, I enjoy a nice romantic comedy--and Lovesick looked like it would fit the bill. Now here's the weird part--ten minutes into the film, my wife and I were captivated and loved it but by 20 minutes, my wife and I were appalled and hated the film. This movie stars Matt LeBlanc--you know, of Friends fame. Here he plays Charlie, a principal of an elementary school who seems to have horrible luck with women. Again and again, his girlfriends betray him and tear his heart out and as a result you really feel for the guy. During this initial portion of the film, my wife commented about how likable he was and how much she was enjoying the film. However, despite a great beginning, the film fell apart very quickly. Why? Well, the comedy part comes when you realize that Charlie is mentally imbalanced. He is super-paranoid and cannot allow himself to trust any woman---even the practically perfect Molly (Ali Larter). So, despite them being cute together and hitting it off, soon he becomes incredibly controlling, paranoid and creepy. Plus you find out that his old girlfriends NEVER hurt him-- it was all in his twisted mind. This is because when he falls in love, he becomes incredibly jealous--almost psychotically so. And this is supposed to be funny?! To me, it seems like I am watching a relationship that will end with a murder-suicide--and there is nothing romantic nor comedic about that. Because of this awful plot twist, the film is practically unwatchable. There is no way your date would want to watch this mess, as it's clearly a romance- killer. All this is a real shame, as LeBlanc and Larter are cute together at first and LeBlanc in particular is amazingly likable until he becomes a pathologically paranoid and sicko boyfriend. In fact, I really felt like he deserved so much better than this, as he WAS terrific when he was allowed to be. A horrible, over the top misfire that is painful to watch. It makes you wonder how anyone could find this mess funny. I really wanted to like it.

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