Lucky Number Slevin


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Bruce Willis as Mr. Goodkat
Stanley Tucci as Brikowski
Morgan Freeman as The Boss
Lucy Liu as Lindsey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Youkilledmypine 8 / 10

A welcome surprise, Slevin has appeared as if from nowhere.

Bruce Willis, Sir Ben Kingsley, Morgan Freeman, Lucy Liu, Stanley Tucci and Josh Hartnett fill a cast line up every bit as impressive as say, Sin City. Leaving behind the sour taste of Wicker Park, Scottish McGuigan follows the likes of his own Gangster Number 1 with this incredibly cool, at times funny thriller that has somehow sneaked into the cinemas without much of a fuss. Supporting cast includes a very welcome cameo from a Jackie Brown star and a bunch of UK actors imitating their US counterpart's accents to perfection. The pairing of Sir Ben and Freeman alone is worth the price of admission, but this is Hartnett(as Slevin)'s film and perhaps it should not be too surprising that he carries it off effectively. In fact, none of the cast really put a foot wrong and even Lucy Liu is pretty adorable (against type if you believe the all the press).

Despite a reasonably confusing series of opening events, Slevin is essentially a straight forward, neat black comedy of errors(mistaken identity for one). The dialogue is at times razor sharp and the action is well shot. The body count climbs steadily as the movie progresses at a cracking pace that never becomes dull. Slevin is thematically similar to a few other choice stories, but like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Slevin should be enjoyed more for the ride and the audience should try not to guess ahead of the plot and let it unfold naturally. There will still be some surprises appearing even for the most avid film fans but like so many thrillers Slevin could be ruined from word of mouth. If it weren't for the warm, familiar feel of similar films, this little gem would be rated higher. Unfairly dismissed by some as confusing, wrongly compared to the legendary Usual Suspects - it's a league apart from the mess that was Revolver and doesn't outstay a welcome.

Oh, and Willis gets to call someone a 'f*** head'. Great stuff.

Reviewed by bigstuff2020 9 / 10

keeps you guessing

If you like movies that make you think you will enjoy this film. Josh Hartnett stars as "Slevin" a guy who is down on his luck and gets mistaken for someone else, or does he...from the moment that the mob bosses get a hold of Slevin the movie turns into one big guessing game. If you are like me you will find yourself thinking and trying to figure out what exactly is going on, but you probably will never understand until all is explained in the brilliant climax ending of the film. I honestly can say that when you walk out of the theater you can say to whomever it is that you went to see this movie with that it was truly a great movie. Now I was lucky enough to have seen this at a screening back in December, and the entire theater started to applaud at the conclusion of the film. If you like mysteries definitely check this one out...and just by the slim chance that the reviews are mixed or not that great I will at least tell you from an avid movie lover to give this a chance and you will not regret it

Reviewed by wmjaho 8 / 10

Wow! Great Noir Caper Flick

2006 Sundance Film Festival From the opening scene in Lucky Number Slevin, you will be straining to keep up. People are getting killed left and right, and it's never clear until the end of the movie how they are all connected. But you know it fits somehow and Scottish director Paul McGuigan (Wicker Park) manages to keep you guessing while firmly grabbing your attention and holding it with hardly a second to take a breath.

In the film noir tradition, but with the intense and graphic violence of the Lock Stock and Layer Cake genre, Slevin is really a caper movie, and frankly reminded me more of The Sting than anything else. It dances nimbly from grisly stomach-churning action to clever and light-hearted banter. This could only be accomplished by a truly incredible cast, led by Josh Hartnett in an outstanding performance, great work by Lucy Liu, Bruce Willis doing his thing, and supported by the always excellent Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley. There's even a little time for Stanley Tucci.

Liu plays Lindsay, the next-door-neighbor/natural sleuth/coroner/love interest who discovers Slevin in her neighbor Nick's apartment. They mystery that immediately engages her is what happened to Nick, who never shows up. However, plenty of people do show up, mistaking Slevin for Nick, and before long he is neck deep in murder contracts, called debts and warring gang factions. Hartnett plays the role to perfection. I've never seen him this good. He is both convincing and empathetic as a glib, fearless victim of mistaken identity, yet filled with confidence that he can make his plan work.

This is a terrific film, assuming you can stomach the bloody violence. The pieces fit neatly together (well, I have one bone to pick with the scriptwriter, but it would be revealing too much to share it). I highly recommend Lucky Number Slevin.

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