Mac & Devin Go to High School


Action / Comedy

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Snoop Dogg as Mac Johnson
Mike Epps as Mr. Armstrong
Andy Milonakis as Knees Down
Teairra Mari as Ms. Huck
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alien 9428 4 / 10

Boring if your not high

Before the movie started the audience are told to smoke some weed because you supposedly can't watch the film without being high. Well let's just say I don't have the best access to it so I watched sober. The movie is probably right. I thought the movie was quite boring and the relief being that it was very short and had Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa in it. The movie is sort of like watching weed porn in a lot of ways. Since half of the movie is showing Wiz and Snoop or their friends getting high in all the different ways. The plot does not have a lot of substance to it and ultimately this movie probably is only for when your high. If your not high, you probably shouldn't watch it. There are some moments that are pretty funny though even if your not high which broke some of the disinterest. I didn't think this movie was terrible, but it wasn't good either for me personally.

Reviewed by Greg Wilson 7 / 10

An Accurate Review

Being a fan of the Mac and Devin Album I found the movie to be entertaining. Whilst I found many of the reviews on this site to be rather misinformed or misleading. First off Wiz's acting wasn't up to par because let's face it he's a rapper not an actor, contrary to popular belief not all entertainers can make that transition into a different medium. Considering the circumstances, his first time on screen, I think Wiz did great and if that were something he would want to continue to do it would take work and time. While some of the reviewers found Snoop's acting a little dry I would have to disagree. But with awards and even more nominations Snoop has already proved himself to be a successful actor. Check the facts, it's not up for debate.

I can't stand the comparisons to "How High" or as one reviewer even went as far as"Superbad". As far as low budget films go it was pretty good. The "movie" was an hour long, more like a TV special if you ask me, so any comparisons to a higher budgeted feature film just seems unfair. If you didn't enjoy the film because of their promotion of weed culture Im sorry to say its Wiz and Snoop. What did you expect? I found some of the jokes to be corny, predicable, or unfunny while I found myself dying from laughter at times. I could have honestly done without Andy Milonakis character.

To those of you that didn't enjoy the musical breaks in-between scenes, I regret to inform you that the movie was adapted from the concept of a collab album, not the other way around. You would really have to be a fan of the music and the album to truly enjoy the film. The film wasn't meant to sell an album that was released almost a year ago, nor was it meant to be an extended music video to songs they already have videos for. It was made to go that extra mile and give a little extra to the fans and they succeeded in that delivery.

Reviewed by A_Concerned_Critic 1 / 10

One of the worst films I've seen in recent memory.

Note: Not that it genuinely matters, but the follow contains spoilers for the entire film.

Mac & Devin go to High School is a truly remarkable human achievement. Never before have I seen a collective group of human beings manage to take nearly half a million dollars and somehow transform that into some of the worst 75 minutes in cinematic history, looking cheaper and more amateur than many budgetless shorts I've seen on youtube. You'd also think that a film made by musicians wouldn't contain at least 7 royalty-free midi sound files populating the supposed "soundtrack", but it simply serves as testament to how absolutely little anybody working on this project gave a f***.

Starring in the film are rappers Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg playing himself, but essentially as a creepy 35 year old man still in high school, and Wiz Khalifa playing as a "stuck-up" nerd, suspiciously wearing a long sleeved, button down shirt for most of the film to hide his tattoos. Andy Milonakis also makes a cameo appearance as a wheelchair bound, fart sucking cripple, proving that it is actually physically possible for a human being to sink lower than rock bottom.

The viewer is immediately greeted by a talking, time-traveling CGI joint from 1996, possibly once a banana on a stock model website, recolored white and given eyes and a mouth. He informs the viewer that it is near mandatory to watch this film while under the influence of marijuana, suggesting a parallel between seeing it uninebriated and watching a 3D film without the glasses. This should be the first warning sign to any rational human being to proceed no further, the fact that the writers are literally admitting that you have to be mentally stunted to appreciate the film's attempts at humor.

I understand that this is a "stoner" film, as begrudgingly I am to acknowledge that as a genre, but even a film like Half Baked doesn't required one to forcibly drop their IQ to appreciate at least a portion of the film's humor.

"So what?" you might, suggest. "It is just a crappy stoner comedy. It isn't trying to act like anything more." and I would completely agree with this sentiment if the film wasn't such a bitter, morally reprehensible affair.

A supportive girlfriend who dares suggest that she wishes for her Valedictorian boyfriend, the film's main character played by Khalifa, to attend Yale after finishing school is mocked as a "controlling b****". Snoop Dogg, on his 15th year of high school, manipulates the main character into consuming a cannabis brownie, transforms him into a lowlife hood, and decks him out in full body and face tattoos, (say goodbye to Ivy League or an actual job for that matter)and we are supposed to like and support both of these characters. Late in the film, Khalifa's girlfriend is shocked and dismayed at her Valedictorian boyfriend's new appearance and lifestyle (man, what a controlling b****) and in retaliation, our courageous protagonist cheats on her by having sex with a hooker.

After both get arrested, I suddenly start to think "maybe the makers of this film aren't complete sociopaths at all. Maybe we'll see our protagonist realize his fall from grace and try to redeem himself." Nope. They both get out of jail and neither face any consequences for their actions. Khalifa graduates valedictorian, rapping a song instead of giving a speech, his girlfriend falls for him once again, and Snoop Dogg cheats on a math test, finally graduating from high school and banging a substitute teacher who for some reason spends the whole movie in revealing dresses= and heavy makeup.

The film then returns to our CGI banana joint friend, who so eloquently enthralls the viewer with the film's thesis. "A lot of totally smart people smoke weed and it gives them inspiration and stuff. So it totally shouldn't be illegal, man," If this film is supposed to be exemplary of the intelligence level of the average marijuana user, I can only hope it stays illegal for a very, very long time.

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