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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by clovis-5 1 / 10


My disappointment from this film is exacerbated by the way the DVD is marketed, with the box cover plastered with a quote from a review that proclaims: "stomach-churning psychological horror . . . a great thrill ride". Perhaps that reviewer is a friend of somebody connected to this film because I found there to be no horror elements, psychological or otherwise, nor any thrills. The characters are unpleasant and annoying, and so is their dialogue. John Cera's portrayal of "Brink" was somewhat diverting for about 5 minutes, after which I found the character to be insufferable. Difficult and unpleasant topics and characters can be presented in an entertaining way, in the hands of the right director and writer. But that's not the case here -- it's just difficult and unpleasant characters and topics in a manifestly non-entertaining, non-interesting film. There's decent camera-work, there's a story somewhere, but it simply is not cinematic. There are some wonderful shots of the southern Chilean landscape, but otherwise I feel like I just lost 97 minutes of my life.

Reviewed by zif ofoz 8 / 10

A very dark movie

Magic Magic is being pushed as a psychological thriller and horror ..... that is doing this movie a great injustice.

From the very start we know Alicia has an emotional problem and that Sara has an ulterior motive to back out of the trip at the last minute. Just what Alicia's emotional problem is, the viewer does not know and why Sara backs out of the trip into the country side is not made clear. What is made clear is that Alicia is very depended on Sara ---- especially in this foreign country traveling with people Alicia has never met and going to a distant area of Chile.

We do not know anything about theses peoples past so the viewer must go with what is presented to them for insight into their character. For me they came across as just young indulgent unexperienced youths. When they realize Alicia has a few problems they just ignore her issues because she will have to adjust on her own. Sara says she'll be there later and the broken line of communication among the youths will be mended. That doesn't happen.

When the group realizes, too late, that Alicia has greater problems than they are capable to handle, what do they do, they give her pills because thats how modern society treats emotional problems. The problem intensifies with Alicia having taken too many pills and is easily confused .... or is she desperate to fit in with the group? We the viewer cannot tell either, we are equally confused as Alicia. When Sara finally does arrive Alicia has already crossed the line into a state of confusion but Sara cannot see it, at first. When the problem with Alicia becomes dangerous and threatening Alicia is taken to a local witch doctor who's only remedy is the use of ancient indigenous rituals which is useless to Alicia and all involved with her.

This movie is more about the clash of ancient and modern cultural norms in treating someone with obvious medical needs. Here are a group of inexperienced youths raised in a modern world but facing a threatening and dangerous situation with only old world medical practice available to them. They find themselves caught between to conflicting worlds.

Reviewed by ([email protected]) 9 / 10

Completely misunderstood masterpiece.

Perhaps this movie only works if you've known someone with the kind of debilitating paranoia that Alicia (Juno Temple) suffers from. I don't know. All I can say is that I was glued to it from start to finish and I honestly feel that it was masterfully crafted and offers so much more than most people are giving it credit for.

I understand the backlash... it really is NOT a horror movie. But its not a showcase of intangible visual art-house dream-sequence garbage either, which is what I think people might imagine it to be when they read the synopsis. For me, it was never even the slightest bit boring.

If you want to see how mundane situations can be brilliantly transformed into nightmarish experiences for one character, while other characters awkwardly try to deal with it (and often provoke it), eventually watching this dynamic grow to high levels of darkness and intensity, well then this is the movie for you!

I wish more people could look a little deeper and appreciate the many layers and eccentricities of this movie! Like another reviewer mentioned, many of the scenes could be perceived as flat out hilarious. That is, if you can allow yourself to be simultaneously mortified and amused. This movie has the ability to provoke a wide array of CONTRASTING emotions. I've never seen anything quite like it.

It's not a movie for everyone. But if you read this review and still want to watch it, you'll probably think its pretty neat.

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