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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fordmodelt Ford 1 / 10

A grubby little movie with very little dancing

I love Channing Tatum and I'd go and watch anything with him in it. I also liked the first Magic Mike movie for what it was - very lightweight entertainment, some hot male bodies, a bit of humour, a bit of a plot line and some great dancing.

This sequel is just grubby, and, well boring. The dancing is minimal. Most of the 'performances' at the end aren't dancing at all. The Andy McDowell house scenes went on and on ... and on, with absolutely no plot purpose and no dancing, so what was the point? And the scenes with the women 'clients' at the Jade Pickett Smith establishment are pretty demeaning to the women. The bumping and grinding on fat women in the movie is clearly meant to show what great 'performers' these strippers are, able to fake it with any desperate female. I'm absolutely no prude, but it all became pretty sickening in the end, and I was just BORED with the whole thing really. Channing, it's time to move on, mate.

Reviewed by jery-tillotson-1 1 / 10

Where's the beef?

Strange it is to pay seven to ten dollars to see a movie about male strippers--and none of them even remove their tee shirts until a so- called "grand finale" at the end. This is when our boys actually strip down to speedos and jock straps. Wow. Channing Tatum, the main star, was all over the media months before the premiere, assuring one and all that this sequel to the highly successful original, "Magic Mike," definitely deserves a "hard X" since it'll show off a lot more of the guys than previously seen. As he winked and smirked, he also promised us he would keep the most handsome of the original strippers, Joe Manganiello, naked as much as possible. Tatum's promises never appeared. Instead, we have nearly two hours of non-stop verbal garbage as the guys ad-lib and we can't understand anything they say since they all swallow their words. In their van they're traveling to Myrtle Beach for a stripper convention and along they way, they have several encounters with women who are so unattractive they're only blurs. Then we come to big stripper event. We're tantalized by seeing other male strippers preparing for the show but we never see them. All we see is a hysterical carnival like routine featuring Tatum, Joe and Matt Bonner. They whirl around, move their hips against women and when they finish, we realize none of our hotties even showed their butts, let alone their joy sticks. Probably the most hideous sequence in the movie that drags on forever is when the guys stop at a plantation to see black strippers but it's all filmed so darkly you can't tell what's happening in the shadows. Poor Jada Pickett Smith. She should definitely grab the Raspberry Award for the Most Horrendous cameo in the movie. This is a movie that could safely play on the Disney Channel but even the kids would be bored out of their skulls.

Reviewed by wainscoat-1 1 / 10

XXL is XX Lame

I totally loved the first Magic Mike and the first 5 minutes of XXL looked good too. But after those first 5 minutes....XXL suddenly turned into one long improv show - The sort of improv done by people with fabulous bodies and no sense of humor whatsoever - The sort of improv where audience members shout out topics like "Frozen Yogurt" or "A boring person sits next to you on a bus and just won't shut up." After a while I felt sorry for the actors who seemed to try so hard to come up with something, anything, to say, while growing more and more resentful as in "Hey - we're strippers, not writers. Do we have to do everything?"

And the dancing this time? Yuck. I even felt sorry for the female audience members in the dance sequences. Imagine that you are just out for a fun bachelorette party, when you suddenly find yourself thrust 6 feet in the air with your "bachelorette parts" strapped across some strange guy's face and then the guy starts doing somersaults and cartwheels. Ouch.

I left about 3/4ths of the way through. It was just all too sad.

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