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Lou Diamond Phillips as Jack Lucas
Steven Bauer as Greg Pruitt
Kari Wuhrer as Jessica Tarrant
Troy Byer as Kelly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 4 / 10

Unsatisfying thriller

Although Lou Diamond Phillips is the star the Malevolent one in Malevolent is Edoardo Ballerini, a most diabolical serial killer who not only is good at his work, but pretty good at making cop Lou Diamond Phillips look like the guilty party.

It's a rather far-fetched yarn that Malevolent is spinning. Some of the premises of the story and the motivations of Ballerini are quite illogical as Mr. Spock would put it, even from the evil mind of a serial killer who doesn't think like the rest of us.

Kari Wuhrer who has done a couple of other films with Lou plays a topless dancer and someone that Ballerini is fixated on. She could provide the clues necessary to Lou to stop the freak.

While all this is going on, Phillips is under suspicion due to a shooting incident where his former partner was found to be dirty. His new partner, Gwen McGee isn't quite sure she can trust him and she's cutting him quite a bit of slack to get the job done.

Too many illogicalities keep Malevolent from being a top rate police drama thriller though the cast does its best.

Reviewed by howdyg 7 / 10

I Enjoyed The Movie.

I do not understand why more people have not seen this movie and/or have voted on it. It's a very good way to spend an hour and a half,some evening with some popcorn,a coke and your lady or gentleman. I really don't believe this film will win any awards. It has action,sex,crime and a lot of surprises. In this elderly mans opinion it was a heck of a lot better than some of the highly rated garbage they have turned out lately. Lou Diamond Phillips, Edoardo Ballerini and the rest of the supporting cast did a fine job, with an average movie. Yes, I do know what opinions are just like. No, I do not know anyone connected to this film. I'm just not sophisticated enough to tear it up, like some seem to do with many movies.I give it a 7.

Reviewed by Enchorde 5 / 10

Action/Thriller of average quality

Recap: Jack Lucas, a detective, is with no apparent reason suddenly the target of a set up meant to disgrace him, and finally to kill him. His gun stolen, which he didn't report, used to kill his superior officer. Lucas is now forced to stall that investigation and at the same time find out whom and why is trying to destroy him.

Comments: A decent action/thriller movie that won't go to the history as one of the great ones, but good enough to watch a night. Some good shooting, some car chases and a mystery to solve. It is maybe the mystery that is the weakest point in the story. We are early given the answer to whom, but not until the end given the reason why. So the bad guys plot to destroy Lucas almost feel random and unmotivated all the time, instead of creating a feeling of suspense. And not to mention that the entire story hinges on the stupid decision not to report the theft of his gun. Combined it made it difficult for me to really engage in and believe the story. Had it cleared those two obstacles it would have been much better.


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