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Nicole Kidman as Tracy
Gwyneth Paltrow as Paula Bell
Bill Pullman as Andy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jbartelone 8 / 10

Brilliant writing makes for an excellent film

Malice is a very gripping mysterious thriller! The opening scene's haunting music will stay with you forever and draw you into a roller coaster ride of suspense, drama, and deceit.

The film revolves around a couple who's lives become interwoven by a mysterious and arrogant surgeon who manipulates and cons his way into their lives with little surprises around every turn. Harold Becker's directing is superb in setting the mood and pacing of the film. There are dramatic moments and secrets in the story that will keep you captivated until the very end. Watch for outstanding performances by Alec Baldwin, Nicole Kidman, and Bill Pullman, as well as a powerful supporting role by Ann Bancroft.

Malice is very difficult to review without giving away parts of the movie, so I will not go into great detail. It's the uncertainties in the movie that make it one to remember. See it, you will not be disappointed! The background musical score is one of the most memorable that I have heard in any movie. Malice is a tale of arrogance, power, mystery, and deception, that must be seen and will be long remembered after the final credits roll.

This is a very fine film that does not get the credit that it deserves!

Reviewed by wfc33 8 / 10

An intriguing thriller.

I really liked this when it came out. I didn't think that it was predictable at all like a lot of filks have commented. I mean some things were obviously, but that's fairly true on most things these days.Especially TV (but that's another topic). Spoilers below:

I admit that the rapist story line was a bit odd but I think it was well done in that it lead you in one direction when the real story went another. I thought it was a good way to twist it a little. And remember, that is how Andy finds out that he couldn't have fathered the baby, if he hadn't had to provide a sample to the police, he wouldn't have known that and probably would not have kept probing into what Nicole was up to.

Another thing that I think people dismiss is the great acting by several cast members. Remember the scene when Baldwin had just moved into the house and he had the girl upstairs?There is one shot where Nicole looks up there and has this look of anger on her face that suggests she peeved at more than the noise. I didn't catch it the first time but on later viewing I did. Nicole and Baldwin had been plotting this long before he moved in.I digress, though, but the movie is full of little gems like that which I think makes it good.Others have mentioned the scene where Andy goes to see the mother. That is a great scene and the setting and scenery are great too. The rain, the cramped, dingy apartment; gives you the feeling that old lady never leaves there.

I could go on, but I think I've said enough;if you haven't seen this, check it out.

Reviewed by guil fisher 5 / 10

Terrific acting and great cast! ***SPOILERS***

Have seen this film several times and am hooked. Even though I know the outcome, who cares. It's worth it just to see these fine actors do their thing as they do best. Alec Baldwin, who never ceases to amaze me in his work, is splendid as the doctor/villain [and what a smoothie he is]. His God "complex" speech is one of the highlights. Then there's the delicious Nicole Kidman, as the demon wife of a mild schoolteacher, who goes for the icing on the cake by knocking off anyone that gets in her way. What makes her performance stand out to me is that, as wild and evil as she can be, there's also a vulnerability in her portrayal. You actually care what happens to her, even though you know she deserves to get caught. This is the worst kind of a villain. One that you hope won't get caught. I loved the scene in the bar where she confronts her husband with smiles and flirting only to realize it won't work. The change of expression and attitude was delightful. Thanks, Nicole. And Bill Pullman, being given a sort of wimpish character to play, brings it way up to the same level as the stronger characters with his performance. He does an outstanding job in this flick. I've not seen his work before, but will surely look for more roles in the future. Playing smaller roles are Bebe Neuwirth as a cop who helps our professor solve the case, and Gwyneth Paltrow, in one of her earlier roles playing a bimbo student under Pullman's tutelege who unfortunately becomes a victim of a serial rapist. George C. Scott appears, quite briefly, as a sort of chief surgeon defending Baldwin's reputation in the medical profession, Peter Gallagher [that handsome devil] appears as Kidman's lawyer in two scenes and that incredible Anne Bancroft in one scene, but she almost steals the picture with her alcoholic card tricks. Annie's the best! Director Harold Becker does a good job with his stellar cast, but sometimes the film is too dark. At least on television it comes off hard to see. But I loved the scene when Nicole is waiting in her car for Pullman to leave so she can move in on the little boy next door in the window. The lighting coming from behind her gave her curley red hair a kind of glow. Terrific shot. This is a story by Aaron Gorkin and written for the screen by Jonas McCord. They say it's a copy of another story, however, I don't know about that. I enjoyed this one, but my hat's off to the performers. They brought this one up to the high place of good ensemble acting.

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