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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 1958


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Burt Reynolds as Malone
Scott Wilson as Paul Barlow
Cynthia Gibb as Jo Barlow
Tracey Walter as Calvin Bollard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cichas08 10 / 10

one of the last great Burt Reynolds action flix

this is one of, if not the last, of the great Reynolds action flix, and shockingly it is not available on DVD, while such horrid Burt movies such as stroker ace and cop and a half are. although Burt seems to think he is Mr. Majesty is this fine flick, it is just an awesome movie set in the Oregon wilderness where ex-fed Burt has to kick some big bully bad guys such as cliff Robertson's terms of pure pimpitude, Burt gets a 10 here, never has his toupee, bad stache, tight jeans, and shades been on such display, and he can still play the ladies, but the bad guys are his real targets in Malone. time to burn the ID and head off into the woods i guess. someone please bring out that all time classic Malone on DVD, and remind folks of how great action flicks could be pre segal, the rock, and van dam.....when Burt, chuck Bronson, and Clint reigned supreme, with Sly Stallone still trying to escape from clubber lang and thunderfoot

Reviewed by huwdj 7 / 10

A fun bad movies

There are some films that miss whatever target they are aiming for yet somehow are just great fun to watch. Malone, a fairly obvious updating of Shane, reaches deeply in to the duffers bag of clichés to pull out; the burnt out assassin, the beautiful former colleague, cute teenage girl and her brave but crippled father and, of course, a nutter who along with his evil henchmen are bent on taking over the government. Starting with the most inept of the baddie's henchmen Malone is gradually drawn in to the fight until he achieves his final pyrrhic victory and moves on. Burt Reynolds is actually not a bad actor when he's not trying to be 'a good old boy' all the time. Cliff Roberstson goes jarringly over the top. Laurren Hutton is beautiful, brave and loyal. Cynthia Gib is cute as apple pie in a see-through nightie and the much miss-used Scott Wilson does exactly what he needs to do. So why is this not a good movie? Dunno. There is nothing obviously wrong with the film. It doesn't look cheap, everyone hits their marks and speaks the lines. The end is a bit over the top and perhaps people were reluctant to let Burt Reynolds be serious. Never mind, I've added it to my list of films to be watch every time they turn up in the schedule and I guess I'll just continue to enjoy it for what it is, a good bad movie.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

Tight Lipped Burt

In Malone, Burt Reynolds is a CIA paid assassin who's tired of the life and wants out of the company. Of course the company doesn't see it his way and his former protege Lauren Hutton is sent to terminate his contract with the agency.

But Reynolds in looking for obscurity finds a place where a mysterious millionaire Cliff Robertson is buying all the land in some obscure valley in Idaho to make it his headquarters for some ill defined right wing conspiracy. Robertson's bought the sheriff, Kenneth McMillan and several local louts to enforce his will on the community. Reynolds's car broke down here by sheer chance and he's taken in by garage owner Scott Wilson and his daughter Cynthia Gibb. When Robertson's thugs start leaning on them, Reynolds springs into action.

Burt Reynolds's style is a whole lot like James Garner, quizzical, cynical and charming. I'm not used to seeing him play it as tight lipped as he does in Malone, but he does carry it off. The film borrows a lot from the plot of Shane and I could certainly see a 1987 version of Alan Ladd in the part.

It's a good action film even though a lot of the plot issues are unresolved. More than fans of Burt Reynolds will enjoy this.

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