Mannequin: On the Move


Action / Comedy / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
IMDb Rating 4.1 10 4881


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Kristy Swanson as Jessie
Terry Kiser as Count Spretzle / Sorcerer
William Ragsdale as Jason Williamson / Prince William
Michael J. Anderson as Jewel Box Bearer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kristine ([email protected]) 4 / 10

OK, it's bad, but not too awful

Even though this is a pretty badly made movie, it's something that I just enjoyed when I was a kid. I think because I was in my princess and "damsel in distress" phase.

Watching this movie now, it is pretty ridicules. I mean, the whole history back flash in the beginning, now I know this is a movie and it is supposed to be fairy tale like, but the peasant girl having a beautiful dress and cape with perfect hair and make up? Just didn't make sense. The knights were complete wusses when in real life they were trained to take a sword through a gut and continue in battle.

And the acting, yes it's pretty bad. But again, this was just something that I enjoyed as a kid. For the kids, just let them have fun with it. But as a movie for adults in a serious train of mind, just ignore it.


Reviewed by insomniac_rod 6 / 10

Cheesy sequel. Happy ending for everyone.

Same plot... different characters... over the top fantasy plot... over acting... "Mannequin On The Move" is an uncalled for sequel to a popular romantic comedy. It was obvious that a sequel was on it's way but my real question is: "why did it take 4 years to produce this sequel?". There isn't real effort in my opinion.

Still, the movie is entertaining , pop corn entertaining. Meshach Taylor returns as well as the ultra flamboyant Hollywood. His character is probably the most likable in the movie. Not that William Ragsdale or Kristy Swanson are not good but Taylor steals the show. Talking about the lead couple, I felt that Ms. Swanson wasn't very natural in her role. She's extremely cute and had this "girl I would like to protect" personality but she lacks of a vibe. Ragsdale (a different kind of hero in "Fright Night") delivers a less usual performance as a geeky hero. It works. Terry Kiser of "Weekend At Bernie's " fame delivers an over the top performance but strangely enough, it works for the movie.

Ah, what the heck. Give a chance to this sequel and you might have a good time if you are into the post 80's mess. It's a cheesy movie with a happy ending. You can't go wrong.

Reviewed by itsmrbigtoyou 10 / 10

Mannequin 2, what an under-rated comedy!

I watched both part's 1 and 2 consecutively over the past two night's. part 1 is GREAT!, but part 2 is also a little gem too! It's so lively, original, and fresh! With a really entertaining soundtrack of music as well, ''Mannequin 2: On the Move'', is well worth a go. Starting out in Medieval Europe, in the fictitious land of ''Hauptmann Koenig'' in the year 991, a young man named William is a young, sexy and unbetrothed handsome Prince of the land, son of the evil Queen, he has fallen for local townsfolk girl, Jesse, and even though they are from Europe, we, the audience, are entranced by their love and commitment to each other, even though they all have strong, thick and heavy American accent's! They are so close, they plan to elope, but then William's mother, the scummy old Queen, turns up, and gives him a necklac, cursed by a local sorcerer, to allow for him and his bride to be, to make as a symbol of their eternal love. Once it's on, she turns to plastic, a mannequin, and is cursed to remain that way for a thousand year's, until she meet's a true love from another land, only then can the necklace be removed. So, 1000 year's later, here we are, in Philadelphia, Emmy and Jonathan have since gotten married, Claire Timkinn has since quit Prince and Co. and left it in the hands of Mr. James, a snobby ex-pet emporium owner, Roxie has also left town, B.J. Wert is in prison and Felix and Mr. Richard's have somehow mysteriously disappeared! Jonathan's younger cousin, Jason, has been offered his cousin's place at the store, and like his cousin, he has some of his same qualities's, he's smart, clever and has a good sense of business, he's also young, sexy, and caring too!, but above all, he's about to give everyone a shock, he look's exactly like William too!, one day, his first day actually, a shipment of Merchandise for the store is coming, it's from Europe, actually it's from ............ Hauptmann Koenig!!!!!!!! After the shipment truck crashes on the way and the merchandise falls into a river, Jason see's mannequin go under, thinking it's a real live girl, he jumps in to save her, only to find out, she's a mannequin! Later that night, Jason is clearing up for closing time, he is putting away extra stock from the shipment, jewelery, valuable's, etc, he removes the necklace form Jesse, and she comes alive after a 1000 year snooze1, and in the process, scaring the living daylight's out of him! He shows her around the city, explain everything to her in great detail, and she tell's him she love's him, he cannot believe this, but she's determined to spend the rest of her life with him!, he agree's and they fall for each other. Jason tell's his story to the head fashion designer at the store, none other than... Hollywood Montrose!, who reassure's him that ''this sorta thing happened before!'', and it's happened again. All ends well, with the two tying the knot, and spending the rest of their live's together, while sorcerer is turned into a mannequin himself, tossed out of a hot air balloon, and broken into pieces

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