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Toby Jones as Neil Baldwin
Tony Curran as Lou Macari
Gemma Jones as Mary
Steven Cree as Rev. McCoist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yug deep ([email protected]) 10 / 10

Simply Marvellous

Simply 'Marvellous'. This word itself describes the movie. As 2014 is reaching its end, we can see many lists for best movies/TV series floating on the internet. And that's how I find this movie with IMDb rating 8.2. So naturally, I put it on my watch list. And yes that was a decision I certainly didn't regret. This is a biopic and is one of the best dramas I watched in 2014. It is a TV movie aired on BBC TWO.

You will get fully involved with the life of Neil. A man who has learning disabilities but in fact he is differently enabled. He is sure of everything. For him life is happiness. He does everything what he wants to do. Every new person he meet is very good friend of him. He can simply ask any thing and surly gets it. A very good job done by director Julian Farino. Also a very nice story and script by Peter Bowker. Outstanding acting by Toby Jones and Gemma Jones as Neil and his mother Mary. They both gave a memorable performance that will certainly add some accolades in their chest. I enjoyed the movie, every bit of it. It plays with your emotions. You will laugh and will want to cry at some points. Full of fun yet teaches you the philosophy of a great life. And be careful, if you miss one line, you may miss a very beautiful message/ outlook on life.

In every department it's a perfect movie. Great story and script. Good direction. Camera captures every emotion very cleverly. Back ground music goes with the movies pace. And of course very good use of choir sings popular songs accompanied by ukuleles. And in some department I have no hesitation to compare it with one of the greatest movie of all time "Forrest Gump".

I will give it a 10 on the scale of 10.

Reviewed by santiagocosme 9 / 10

"Marvellous" couldn't fit this movie better!

I came across this movie and after reading a few reviews, I thought it was worth giving it a go. Well, I am glad I did because it has to be one of the best I have seen this year.

The story of a man with learning disabilities who goes through life without a care in the world and gets pretty much all he wishes for by simply asking for it. People who come across him just fall in love with his personality, to the point that they feel blessed to have met him and have him in their lives.

In a world as critical as ours, it's magical to see that a man like Nello can become such an icon. Not only is he a sports personality and a circus celebrity. He is now also a movie star!!

This may well be his first and last movie, but it could not be a better way to start. Or finish.

Reviewed by l_rawjalaurence 9 / 10

Touching Biopic Combining Drama, Music and Real Life

Peter Bowker's script tells the real-life story of Neil Baldwin (Toby Jones), who overcame his learning difficulties to become a stalwart member of Stoke City F.C.'s backroom staff under manager Lou Macari (Tony Curran), as well as undertaking a variety of other jobs such as greeting new freshmen and women at Keele University and running his own soccer team.

The production ingeniously combines dramatic action with brief interludes in which the fictional Neil encounters the real Neil and asks him questions about his life. This dramatic strategy draws attention to Baldwin's optimistic outlook on life, his enduring faith in God, and his belief that people are basically good-natured. Such qualities have given him the strength to cope with life, especially the trauma of losing his mother (played by Gemma Jones in the film).

MARVELLOUS also includes musical interludes, in which a choir sings popular songs, both secular and religious ("The Lord's My Shepherd I'll Not Want") accompanied by ukuleles. During one such sequence we see the fictional Neil participating, even though he does not really feel like it in the wake of his mother's death. Such scenes emphasize the importance of community spirit to Neil's life as a means of providing him with emotional and physical support. They serve as a musical counterpoint to the sequences set in the changing-rooms of Stoke City F.C., where Neil listens to (and sometimes participates) in the banter between Macari and his players.

Julian Farino's production eschews historical accuracy for dramatic effect; we learn at the end that Neil has worked at Keele for nearly half a century, yet the bulk of the action appears to be set in the late Eighties and early Nineties (judging from the age of the cars seen in the background). Such strategies emphasize the timelessness of the tale; we are not witnessing a period drama per se, but a triumphant chronicle of an individual overcoming adversity and carving out a niche for himself that is both professionally and personally satisfying.

Toby Jones gives a memorable performance as Neil. This versatile actor, who moves from film, to television and radio with equal facility, portrays the central character as someone whose naivete is particularly endearing. His capacity for ending conversations with logical non sequiturs is amazing, rendering his friends and acquaintances absolutely speechless. Jones' most memorable moment comes in a sequence just after his mother's death, when he sits alone in his cluttered apartment, staring at the wall, and bursts into floods of tears as he finally understands that he is now totally alone. But, true to form, he surmounts this loss and ends up achieving one of his cherished ambitions; to play for Stoke City (even if it is only a testimonial match).

MARVELLOUS is one of those understated dramas that British television does really well. Full of unexpected pleasures as well as some extremely funny lines, it deserves to be considered a modern classic.

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