Maximum Conviction


Action / Adventure / Thriller

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Steven Seagal as Cross
Steve Austin as Manning
Michael Paré as Chris Blake
Aliyah O'Brien as Charlotte
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joemon_2009 8 / 10

Die Hard in a prison!

My type of movie. Was so like Die Hard with Michael Pare character and his men taking over the prison with innocent people killed and heroes like Seagal and Austin being the only ones to save the day. Austin's quote "No pain, no gain" was a repeat of catchphrases that heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger used upon defeating an opponent.

Seagal just like in all his movies never takes a beating, but that's Steven Seagal for ya.

This film is just what Die Hard influenced just like other films in 90s onwards like Under Siege, Sudden Death, Air Force One, Speed, Lockout etc. Especially with the limit of locations. It does show action films have become more brutal over the years especially with the Warden having his finger cut off by Blake.

Reviewed by mattressman_pdl 6 / 10

Two Steves are Better than One

It's hard not to feel elated and highly anticipatory when one sees the DVD cover for Maximum Conviction, but how does the movie itself hold up? The Plot: Two ex-special forces commandos (Austin and Seagal)are hired to decommission a military prison only to find themselves under siege by a squadron of baddies trying to abduct a certain female inmate.

The Pros: After the first half hour, the action is frequent and plentiful. Both stars perform admirably, especially Austin who is slowly but surely earning his acting chops. Minimal to no doubling for Seagal and a complete lack of dubbing! Michael Pare is a decent villain, as well.

The Cons: The Stars have very little screen time together, oddly enough. Steven Seagal truly does need to try and shed some weight (and this is coming from a jaded fan). The two stars didn't quite need their younger teammates as all they did was provide cover and hog up screen time.

I would say, definitely worth a watch if you're a fan of either or both but I might hesitate on a purchase as this entertaining film is fun but flawed.

Reviewed by Alain Minsart 7 / 10

Seagal still can make a movie you'd wanna watch

I would have given this one also a 7 1/2 rating as well. It is good to see Seagal getting back into action in a decent B-action movie. Especially after all the crap he's been making over the last couple of years. But it is hard not to see that the years of good living, eating and drinking have taken their toll on Seagal, he really looks old and out of shape, and no matter what they try to do with long and wide clothes, it is pretty clear the guy is fat.

None the less this movie is exactly delivering what you're expecting, action, funny one-liners and huge amount of martial arts scenes, and some decent hand to hand combat scenes from Austin, and even a new upcoming guy is allowed to show off his kicks and punches. Bren Foster actually reminded me of the protégé of Van Damme , named Scott Adkins, and I hope we will get some movies off this guy coming out soon.

So if you like this kind of movie, you wanna see some decent action sequences and you don't mind the gaps in the script, then is a must see for you, otherwise, stay away from it.

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