Maya the Bee Movie


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jimmy Hudnut 9 / 10

Bee yourself!

Maya is one of the most delightful and sparkling characters to come out of a kids film in a long time. In a way reminiscent of Miyazaki's youngest heroine's this little bee stands up to authority and keeps just asking questions.

The movie is spectacularly beautiful. There is a rich meadow world that comes alive. My two girls were spellbound for the whole film. The 4 year old can get scared easily in films (the poster of The Boxtrolls was enough to scare her) but she was happily cheering Maya on. The whole bug world comes alive in song and dance that is so charming - the girls were singing all afternoon.

There was enough humour for grownups too. There are a couple of ants (voiced by the Umbilical Bros) that really steal the show. Jackie Weaver as evil Buzzlina had just the right amount of scare and fun in her portrayal. The other voices, Richard Roxburgh and Noah Taylor, etc. did such a great job.

Take your kids, it's a great time at the movies.

Reviewed by heidy-villafane 10 / 10

Great Kids Movie! You better beelieve it!

My kids LOVED IT! By kids I mean my Niece and Nephew. They've been recently introduced to Maya the Bee through the TV show, and we were lucky enough to score some tickets to the premiere in Sydney and it was a brilliant day for us. My Niece is 5 and wanted me to find the song on YouTube which we did and she was singing it all the way home in the car - very catchy! This movie is 80 minutes long (I think) and they sat through it with great excitement and really connected to the characters.They loved the ants - won't go into any spoilers but it was a really funny movie and I could hear some cackle from all the grown ups. They went up to the front to dance to the song, although it was too short! The sad moments were quite sad, but needed to form an engaging story. I have German friends who tell me she is their Mickey Mouse and I think she's definitely a character they're growing attached to! So proud this was made in Australia - bring on the Aussie talent!

Reviewed by alex_weight 9 / 10

Great for kids, lots of fun!

Was genuinely pleasantly surprised by this film. "Maya the Bee" is a heartwarming story about a young (bee) girl trying to discover who she is and where she fits in. Obviously the lesson for kids is to be true to yourself and not conform to society, or peer pressure.

Maya manages to not be heavy handed in its delivery of this message, and does a great job of delivering on laughs.

The characters are vibrant and entertaining - the crazy soldier ants stole the show for my kids, and I think for many others around us.

Lots of fun, and definitely recommended to any parents, who will enjoy it as well!

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