Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 49%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aprilhoffmann 2 / 10

What the Hell…?

Short version: Read the book, but don't see the movie. OR, go see the movie, but don't read the book. Just DON'T do both.

Long version: There really are no words to describe how far away this movie was from the book. It was like going into a theater expecting to see The Terminator, and seeing Braveheart instead. Both great movies, but NOTHING similar about them. Besides the character names, lightening, and some sand, NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING about this movie resembled ANY part of the book. Nothing. I read the book in one day, two days before I saw this movie. I was so excited to see this fantastic book come to life, and I left sorely disappointed.

I'm not sure if the author of the book was involved at all in the decisions that went into the writing of this movie, but they completely bastardized, completely changed EVERYTHING about his story. Even the core motivation behind the 'who and the why' was different.

It simply was not the same story at all. I've seen many books made into movies and I'm familiar with the huge and often disappointing changes they inevitably make, but this was off the charts. I've never seen anything like it.

If you haven't read the books, then go see it. It was fun enough. But please don't bother if you enjoyed the original story; because it's a completely different one.

Reviewed by bhatnagardhruv 1 / 10


This so called sequel to the Maze Runner is completely a waste of time for anyone who is expecting any similarities to the original Maze Runner. It is full of nonsensical fighting, clueless people, zero plot, a shame to actually be associated with "The Maze Runner".

If possible, take this movie back to the recording studio and delete each and every sequence of it and Think and make a sensible adventurous movie. Crappies movie of all times! It's not only misleading from the word "Runner" but also there is no Maze! Isn't it fantastic? The Scorch Trials! What does that even mean and how does the name actually is relevant to this pathetic low standard movie!

Reviewed by crash76er1 4 / 10

So much wrong with this film.

I really liked Maze runner, but still don't understand why they didn't just build a ladder to the top of the wall and walk out. This movie was full of WTF stupid moments that really bugs me.

Like why didn't they just turn off the generator when they noticed that that's what brought the zombies to life?! Instead they just leave it on and like Monty Pithon they run away, run away!

When Brenda and Thomas see that creepy growing red stuff on the walls of the sewer, anyone else, after all they have been through would have taken one look and said nope, I'm outta here, but instead they have to go fully investigate this dangerous looking creepy stuff. They could have found a better way to have Brenda get infected.

When Thomas makes an impossible heroic save of Brenda from falling to the ground through the glass, are we really supposed to assume they had no trouble at all getting back to the doorway above and clear from danger?!

When that guy is shooting the big gun off the back of the truck, first of all he is a horrible shot not able to hit a huge helicopter and second, why didn't he shoot the transport before the kids got on it. All the bad people were on it and ripe for the killing and yet he does nothing.

I also thought Mary's character was way too short lived. Brenda and Thomas relationship was not played out well enough and I really don't like Teresa. Traitor bitch ;) Also couldn't they find a better song than After Midnight? AC/DC or Disturbed or something that sounded like destruction would have made for a better scene.

I have not read the books, but maybe the film would be better if they hadn't heavily diverted away. Either way I think it was lazily written and I want my $6 back! Lol

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