McFarland, USA


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Kevin Costner as Jim White
Maria Bello as Cheryl White
Morgan Saylor as Julie White
Elsie Fisher as Jamie White
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FeatherlessBiped 6 / 10

Nice performances & scenery, cartoonish plot touches

I had read the story of Jim White and the McFarland cross country team long before the movie came out. I was glad to see it made into a feature film, but Disney's heavy hands keep it from being fully satisfying.

Most of the actors playing larger roles acquit themselves well. Yes, Kevin Costner is his overly familiar world-weary self, but there's always a certain charm in seeing him inhabit that role. Many of the young men portraying McFarland's runners are both charming and believable, and some of the quirky townspeople (such as the mother of three runners and the owner of the local variety store) add nice depth to the story.

In addition, the scenery is interesting, from the running trails to the fields where the McFarland runners pick crops.

One real turnoff was when, repeatedly, opposing runners were shown talking smack before the start of races, and opposing coaches made snarky comments about the McFarland team. I've coached youth sports for many years and am accustomed to seeing much better sportsmanship than that. The movie makers apparently needed to set up cartoonish villains so that the audience would root even harder for the good guys.

Another clunker came at the first race, the "Palo Alto Invitational." The race director was surprised when McFarland showed up - but if it was an "invitational," then either they'd been invited (so he shouldn't have been surprised) or they hadn't been (in which case they had no business going to the race).

This was a generally pleasant two hours, and it was good to know that the basic heartwarming events took place in real life. Could have been better (or at least less bad in some parts), but it was OK. I recommend you find the story "Running for Their Lives" by Gary Smith, the captivating real-life tale of Jim White and McFarland (told as only the brilliant Smith could).

Reviewed by jdgmblue-126-614398 8 / 10

Another Very Good Disney Film.

iamlb68 is on the defense a little, there has always been a lot of back and forth opinions about immigrants from Mexico crossing the border illegally. They are doing the field work, for me it is neither negative or a positive part of what things are, it is what it is. The film brings out the complications of our lives, we all make choices and making the right ones will for the most part, bring good things into our lives and some not so good, this film is inspirational in doing what we can do in making life as good as possible-if we set our minds to it, this film is in the same realm as another very positive film, The Blind Side.

Reviewed by 851222 9 / 10

Familiar, yet very entertaining picture

Greetings from Lithuania.

It's hard imagine anyone who would not cheer a bit after watching "McFarland, USA" (2015). This is a true story, and the movie is truly good and sometimes moving. It's inspirational story like you have seen many times actually, but it is made so well that at running time 2 h 5 min this movie never drags and is involving from start till finish.

Overall, "McFarland, USA" is sometimes routine and familiar, yet very entertaining movie. Kevin Costner is good in here, and although no Oscars will shine with this movie, it's nevertheless a very well made picture. Directing was solid - pacing of this movie is great. Music was nice, as well as cinematography. It's not very original picture, but a very fine one.

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