Mean Guns


Action / Crime / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Evans Tucker 10 / 10

Mambo and violence, blood and rhythm, a brilliant B movie.

Yeah, the acting is bad. So was the acting in Evil Dead, but it's a B movie - the bad acting is what makes it so good. And I don't know who thought of using a mambo sound track in an action movie, but it's PERFECT! Mambo is a very passionate form of music normally associated with lust or love, but in this movie it compliments the brutality flawlessly. All the characters in the movie have unique, slightly exaggerated personalities (remember, it's a B movie)... Watching them interact and form shaky alliances while trying to survive the situation is interesting.

Reviewed by mstomaso 9 / 10

Gorgeous Garbage!

Mean Guns is hilarious. It's a cleverly filmed shoot-em-up with a thin, but unexpectedly interesting plot, some talented actors hamming it up with reckless abandon (Lambert, Halsey, Ice-T, Van Valkenburgh and Cote) and a great sense of humor.

The premise seems simple enough. A politically connected crime syndicate, with the cryptic name "The Syndicate" has just built a brand new high-security prison and they are staging a grand-opening with their most cold-blooded killers all in attendance. But in reality, all of the invitees have in some way betrayed the syndicate and they are being locked in with snipers on the roof for a shoot-out. The three who survive can walk away with ten million dollars.

In one way or another, each of the assassins participating in this deadly game is psychotic, but Michael Halsey and Chris Lambert really take their roles for a ride. Lambert is perfectly cast as the only voluntary participant, and Halsey does a nice job as a cool, rational killer with a troubled conscience.

Some of the acting is, to be sure, pretty atrocious (Kimberly Warren is terribly miscast, but nevertheless amusing), but the directing (by the unfairly derided Albert Pyun) is truly great. Mean Guns parodies Pulp Fiction, itself, and even its entire genre constantly - from one ridiculous scene of near-slapstick violence to another.

The cinematography is perfect for the genre, and the incongruously happy mambo soundtrack constantly reinforces the film's comedic aspects.

Highly recommended for fans of "guy flicks"

Reviewed by palunjm 5 / 10

Enjoyable bad movie

Christopher Lambert and Ice-T in the same B movie? How could this not be enjoyable for B movie fans? Christopher Lambert runs around doing very Christopher Lambert type stuff at Christopher Lambert level acting ability. However, this actually works for the movie as he plays a somewhat not entirely sane person. Also, when a man like Ice-T tosses you the baseball bat in his hands and says, "I want to see if I'm as bad as I say I am." Do not, I repeat, do not attempt to fight him... run!

Overall, if you're looking for a masterpiece... this is NOT it. However, if you are looking to waste away an evening with (pretty much) mindless shooting and killing, look no further.

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