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Billy Zane as Colonel Torida
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Reviewed by rukmal1987 3 / 10

Not up to the standards

After watching so many great special forces movies, all we expect from such a movie is that it to be an action packed explosive one. with that expectation I started watching this movie and I was totally disappointed.the plot is simple, a guy takes over a country and threatens the region. so the good guys have to go and take care of it.instead of sending the army they decide to send a bunch of ex SAS mercenaries. the actors don't at all look like ex SAS soldiers. instead they look a bit too girlish to portrait such tough characters.that is enough to kill the mood. their acting isn't strong enough at all to convince the audience that this is going to be something fun to watch.even the dialogues lack the punch . instead you feel like shooting yourself for choosing to watch this. sometimes the muscle flash of the gun just blinds you.give the movie a cheap look. you see hardly any action that is normal to a movie of this kind. All i can say is that it's lacks everything a good action movie should have.

P.S. The actors in the movie don't look tough at all like the ones in the poster.

Reviewed by silsurfer2001 1 / 10


Being a Producer/Director of Music Documentary's I find it incredible that in what is a poor financial climate that a film like this can get the funding to have been made. This film is nothing short of dreadful, I feel sorry for the Actors there performances will have not done anything for the future careers. As for the direction I have seen better home movie productions from children, it looks like the outside location filming was made in somebody's garden, the interior shots some cheap and nasty set built in a warehouse. So to sum it up please spend your well earned money elsewhere or watch it and see what a waste of time and money this was. Thank you

Reviewed by Ken Mellor 6 / 10

90 minutes of your life will not be wasted on this low-budget blood and guts movie.

This film was written and directed by Paris Leonti, an up and coming British guy.The vast majority of cast/crew are British. It was low budget, not a multi-million pound production. Get real with the negative comments ! Sure, he has been let down by some of the acting but it is not a bad way of spending 90 minutes of your life. The film is better than OK but not brilliant. The production company have done a great job as well so I wonder what Mr Leonti could do with a much,much bigger budget? The British film industry should get behind people like Paris Leonti and bring some good talent into the limelight.Daylight Robbery was a good entertaining film of a different genre. So, what's next? Look out for this guy... he's good.

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