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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 3 / 10

Generic to the core and less than mediocre...

"Mercenaries" is a fairly straight out of the 'how to make an action movie' textbook, except that the movie didn't really turn out to be anything extraordinary. The whole movie was well below average.

The story is about daughter of the president of the United States who has been kidnapped by a ruthless warlord in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The warlord is threatening the USA to make her ruler of her country and wipe out the other rivalling warlords. And the USA government brings in a group of imprisoned women to act as mercenaries, promising them full pardons if they rescue the presidents daughter.

Right, well fairly straight forward storyline. But it was so straight forward to the point of being ridiculously generic and seen in way too many movies before. And that was one of the major factors that worked against this movie.

This being a movie by The Asylum, I will say that they have veered quite far from what they usually make. That is a good thing, because this movie actually made some sense. Just a shame that it was weighed down by a well-below average storyline.

The acting in the movie was adequate. No one really stood out here, which ultimately led to a fairly mundane experience.

"Mercenaries" is the type of movie that you watch once, then forget about it, and never will pick up again for a second viewing. I would assume that the movie might have some appeal if you are a fan of any of the ladies on the cast list. But other than that, then there is nothing appealing or alluring about "Mercenaries".

Reviewed by jamesloker-387-644402 1 / 10


Horse manure smells like roses compared to this movie. Just awful. Where is it bad? Acting, Props, Storyline. If you bought the DVD, demand your money back and keep the DVD as a coaster so you save further customers from this travesty of a film. This should find a home next to the Atari ET Games in the desert, but with a warning so as not to resurrect it in years to come. Don't let it become the stuff of legend, tell people via wikipedia and google that you buried it there. Put it in a place that won't be habitable for next 50,000 years or more. Take it down from internet streaming services. Remove it from IMDb. It is so bad, i started to lose the will to watch anymore movies with the same actors in. If you saw a bad movie last year, don't subject yourself to more torture.

Reviewed by Tony Heck ([email protected]) 5 / 10

A female version of The Expendables with roughly the same acting, dialog and plot.

"We're not nice women. We're not going on some fun adventure. We're going to do some very bad things to some very bad people." Ulrika (Nielsen) has just taken the President's daughter captive and is demanding for the US to recognize her as a Head of State or she will kill the daughter. The government has only one option, they must send in a team of mercenaries to rescue her. A team of women is picked and the mayhem begins. There isn't really a whole lot to say about this movie. This is an Expendables with women. That really tells you all you need to know. The dialog is cheesy and the acting isn't that good. The action sequences are OK but I said another version of Expendables. The movie was entertaining enough and I did stay with it and wasn't too bored but that's about all I have to say. Overall, a female version of The Expendables with roughly the same acting, dialog and plot. I give this a C+.

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