Midnight Lace


Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 74%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 3305


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Doris Day as Kit Preston
Roddy McDowall as Malcolm Stanley
Myrna Loy as Aunt Bea
Rex Harrison as Anthony Preston
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bucs1960 8 / 10

I'm going to kill you, Mrs. Preston

If that telephone voice doesn't give you the creeps, you are one tough cookie! Don't be fooled because this film stars Doris Day, noted for her frothy, professional virgin roles in movies with Rock Hudson, et al. This is another Ms. Day, although the movie showcases her in some great clothes. Driven to the brink of insanity by anonymous threatening phone calls which nobody believes, she plays it to the hilt. The elevator scene is especially gripping. John Gavin is totally miscast and is bland, as usual. The rest of the cast is top drawer....Rex Harrison, suave and sophisticated....Myrna Loy, as the worldly aunt, is wonderful.....and the greatest of English support players, John Williams, repeating his inspector role from Dial M for Murder. In a small part is Anthony Dawson, the perfect villain,also from Dial M for Murder. Herbert Marshall and Richard Ney are good in small roles. This looks and feels like a Hitchcock picture. You may guess the ending but it is worth the watch to see Doris Day give her all. Besides, everybody likes a good thriller and this fits the bill!

Reviewed by ([email protected]) 9 / 10


I haven't seen this since 1960 and it was on AMC TV today. I still think it is one of the most exciting and well written mysteries ever. A who-dunnit mystery with husband and wife, Doris Day and Rex Harrison, with other great stars John Gavin, Myrna Loy, Roddy McDowell, and Herbert Marshall. Doris puts her heart and soul into this, and she is good at weeping! We don't know who is driving her mad until near the end. Should we tell who done it? See it and I believe you'll like it! I don't know if Doris was nominated for this. Does anyone know?

Reviewed by claudiaeilcinema 8 / 10

Dressed To Scream

I've loved Doris Day in her most famous comedy roles, I loved her "Calamity Jane" and always though she gave real depth to her American wife and mother in "The Man Who Knew Too Much" But Doris in "Midnight Lace" is something else. The suspension of disbelief that the film expects from its audience is totally achievable because of her. She goes through it for real and manages to involve us and to actually care for this rich American lady. Her anguish rings true and that's all we need to get involved. There is not a single moment within the preposterous plot in which we catch her acting, that in itself lifts this yarn to unexpected levels. Terrific fun. Rex Harrison plays Professor Higgin's brother with the same kind of aplomb. Myrna Loy is a hoot. John Gavin , beautifully wooden as usual, Roddy McDowell is a creepy delight and Hermione Baddely creates something with her seconds on the screen. Thank you Doris for a surprising thrilling fun ride.

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