Midnight Special


Action / Adventure / Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jeff McCaskill 8 / 10

Unearthly Drama with an Emotional Punch

This film really came out of nowhere for me, as a comment by a stranger I overheard in a bar drew me to this, and thank you nameless stranger with impeccable taste! This is one of those sci-fi flicks that comes along every once in a while that actually has something to say without overuse of CGI and genre tropes.

I knew almost nothing about Midnight Special going in other than said comment, and I highly recommend you try to do the same. Therefore I will be as brief as possible to avoid spoilers.

Roy (Michael Shannon) is on the run with his 8 year old son Alden (Jaeden Lieberher) from a religious cult that worships the boy as some sort of messiah. Also in pursuit are the FBI and NSA, who are investigating several strange phenomena connected with the child. Roy enlists childhood friend Lucas (Joel Edgerton) to help them get to a specific location on a specific date, the reasons for which are unclear but may involve some sort of otherworldly or cataclysmic event.

The comparisons with Starman (1984) and Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) are apt, but this is very definitely a different movie altogether.

The actors are uniformly excellent, especially Michael Shannon, who gives another intense and believable performance as a man who would do anything for his son.

A bit has been made out of how the movie ends, but personally I found it a powerful emotional pay-off that I could feel in my chest, possibly due to the nostalgic feeling this film evokes.

In conclusion, go see it. A thought provoking sci-fi drama with a story to tell. A good one at that.

Reviewed by bartonj2410 6 / 10

Good but not special

Midnight Special is a modern day science fiction film with a very old school feel running through its veins. Jeff Nichols has made it no secret that classic sci-fi films such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind are inspirations for his film however, I find the fact that his relationship with his own son was used as an inspiration too, much more intriguing.

Alton (Jaeden Lieberher) is an eight-year-old boy who possesses otherworldly powers. When his father, Roy (Michael Shannon), takes his son and flees from a religious cult, they must travel across the country to an undisclosed location on a specific date, during which a celestial and possibly world-changing event may occur.

Mystery is a strong point for Midnight Special, the entire mystery surrounding Alton's powers, what will happen on that specific date and the reason a religious cult want him back, all playing a part in making the story such a captivating one. Then comes the film's climactic moment. We get answers, but they end up ruining some of the mystery that made what came before so good. Less is more definitely sprung to mind as it all unfolded.

The story, written by Jeff Nichols, is a very good one and at the heart of that story is a rather beautiful relationship between a father and son. It adds another layer to the film rather than it just being a standard story about people on the run, and as mentioned earlier, it really feels like a personal film from Nichols. Not saying that his son has special powers though, so don't think that.

In a rather short directorial career, Nichols has made quite a name for himself and Midnight Special should further his reputation. It's a very well made film but if there was one thing that stopped it from being great, it was the pacing. Unfortunately, this film dragged itself out through a few scenes and it really bugged me.

I cannot fault the film for its performances mind. Michael Shannon possesses such a magnetic screen presence, you just can't take your eyes off him and Joel Edgerton certainly makes his presence felt, even if his role remains a little unexplained. Kirsten Dunst and Adam Driver offer good support and Jaeden Lieberher is rather good as Alton.

It may be that, in time, I appreciate Midnight Special more however, my initial experience warrants me to say that it's not the special film I was hoping for.

Reviewed by alex (doorsscorpywag) 1 / 10

All it needed was ....something!

With elements of Close Encounters, ET, Knowing, X-Men, The Abyss and Firestarter we have a near 2 hour bore fest with co-ordinates to nowhere and nothing to do when we get there. Who was the little boy?

Who were the magic people in the sky who have no TV so watch us all the time?

That is the creepiest part of it the idea that some light eyed weirdo is watching you as you attend to toilet functions and such as they have their morning honeydew and lettuce leaf.

The authorities are utterly stupid as even when confronted by the blindingly obvious the best question they can come up with is about how the kid disappeared?

I like Michael Shannon and Kirsten Dunst and the early scenes with them were interesting until we began to reveal what this tripe was about.

So the religious set are satisfied as it's proof Jesus exist, the science boffins now know we are not alone however THEY are a bit TOO close for comfort and who knows what bit of Earth they are watching that affects your night time activity and Internet nut cases can ponder what it means until MS2 appears.

Either we have to figure out a plan to destroy them or they might send another group of pointless kids for us to chase after to absolutely no purpose.

Like that Cloverfield 2 rubbish a waste of 2 valuable hours and months of expectation. I said I would not fall for it again after that Cloverfield lane crap but they know you always will and I indeed did.

They might have nice houses but I did not see any tanks. I recommend immediate invasion and steal their stuff especially any tapes marked 'Animals do the strangest things SE144 Blindfold Edition'.

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