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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amopescari-665-909015 1 / 10

Could have been a masterpiece

First of all, let me say that this movie is terrible. Really REALLY bad. The camera work is pedestrian, the acting is scraping the bottom of the barrel. The kid was the only decent actor in the movie. The dialog is truly ridiculous at points, and the details propelling the plot forward don't make any sense. This is further confounded by the way the time line jumps around, making for a movie that lurches along like a wounded animal. The story, at its core, is good, and the movie could have been truly great had it been made by entirely different people. Using haunting as a metaphor for the true horrors that are frequently faced by orphaned children, and ward B as a symbol of the powerlessness of children who are designated wards of the state, could have been crafted into a truly poignant, moving, and ultimately unforgettable work of cinematography, but, unfortunately, this clumsy attempt at that, fails in every way. If Scorsese had made this film, it would have been a masterpiece.

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 2 / 10

Amateurish, Brutal and Pointless Drama

The eleven year-old boy Nathan Perry (Christian Goodwin) is beloved by his parents that are going to give a dog for him. However his family is destroyed in a car accident when his parents die and the boy is sent to the custody of Milwood, an orphanage managed by Mr. Clemens (Jimmy Scanlon). The boy is treated with love by the social assistant Judy (Michelle Romano), but abused by Mr. Clemens. When Nathan is bullied by other boys, Mr. Clemens sends him to the feared Ward B and the mean Katherine Rizzo (Tiffany Shepis) becomes his tutor and he has medical assistance from the weird Doctor Charles (Don Tempesta). While snooping around the Ward B, Nathan discloses a dreadful secret. What have him discovered?

"Milwood" is an amateurish, brutal and pointless drama. The plot is confused and it is never clear the motives of Mr. Clemens and Doctor Charles: are they simply deranged sadists with their experiments or do they sell organs? The cinematography, lighting and edition are awful. The histrionic Jimmy Scanlon has a ham performance and only Christian Goodwin has an excellent performance. Michelle Romano has a nice character and also a good performance. The government sends the boys to the custody of Milwood, but there is no audits, in a very strange behavior. The marketing of this drama is completely wrong and viewers believe it is a horror film. My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): "Orfanato" ("Orphanage")

Reviewed by oscarlupton-96485 1 / 10

Nothing supernatural, and downright depressing

First, this is also released as 'The Institute' and the description refers to a building 'said to be haunted' and the 'evil spirits live in the walls'. Unless this is referring to the staff there (with the exception of one), then that is one hundred percent false advertising. There is *nothing* supernatural about this *whatsoever*.

Second, this is downright depressing. It is the story of a child admitted to an orphanage after his parents are killed, then is mistreated in said orphanage. Lovely.

Don't bother watching this, whatsoever. Find a good horror movie. There's plenty out there.

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