Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 25%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 3209


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Armie Hammer as Mike
Tom Cullen as Tommy Madison
Juliet Aubrey as Mike's Mother
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christiannoor 3 / 10

When you know whats coming!! its kind of boring

It was too obvious, it did not have any surprisingly turns ore twist of any kind. And the main actor is to typical American patriot, i go to war and i don't know why, i am a soldier and so on.. And all the time you know whats coming next, and that makes it boring.. waste of time if you are not very narrow and just want to waste time and eat popcorn.

Reviewed by Laiath 8 / 10

This isn't an action movie, and nor does it claim to be.

If you go into this expecting war action, you'll be severely disappointed. I mean, you can look at the low ratings of some reviewers here for exhibit A. This isn't a war movie or an action movie. It's the story of a man facing his inner demons in the context of war. I think the directors did a phenomenal job of creating a true thriller with literally little action, though. Armie Hammer's performance was superb; I only started watching the movie because Armie has a the kind of looks that God took extra time creating, but as the movie progressed I forgot about the actor and saw only the character. Two thumbs up for acting! Not 10 stars overall, however, because the Berber got on my nerves at times, and I found the twist at the end irritating. Definitely see it, though, highly recommended!

Reviewed by tustin-rent 6 / 10

First Half: 10; Second Half: Barely 5

The first (almost) half is taut and thrilling, with unexpected twists and a superb pace, the rest of it - not so much. It's almost as if different writers contributed to the separate halves of the movie. The psychological tension it strives for is burdened by cliché domestic drama; the romantic angle is a drag and slacks the movie. The semi-mystical, surreal elements and wide, solitary shots of desert expanses were gripping.

P.S. The protagonist was very good-looking and makes for a very convincing US Marine soldier, so it makes the boring parts tolerable.

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