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Sandra Bullock as Scarlet Overkill
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Steve Carell as Young Gru
Michael Keaton as Walter Nelson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ofpsmith 9 / 10

An good and interesting prequel.

Apparently the minions in Despicable Me weren't created by Gru. They're a group of being that date from prehistoric times to serve the most evil people imaginable. From the Tyrannosaurus Rex to Napoleon Bonaparte. But they find they always inadvertently kill their masters. They feel depression and isolate themselves from the rest of the world. Until one day in 1968 Kevin (Pierre Coffin) goes to the world again with two other minions Stuart (Coffin) and Bob (Coffin) to find a master. They get to New York, New York where they hear about Scarlet Overkill (how subtle) (Sandra Bullock) who is aiming to be the world's first female super villain. What follows is a big series of jokes and quite the story line that makes this a great movie. To those reading this review look at your schedule and make time to bring your family to this film tonight. You won't regret it. It has fun characters, comedy, and all the minions that made the last two films so great.

Reviewed by punishable-by-death 8 / 10

A different perspective for you folk

I live under a rather large rock. I don't have TV reception and I am horrible with pop culture. I just follow movies, obsessively, and that has only been for the last two years. So in my world, until not long ago I had no idea what the Minions were. I now feel a little foolish, as for once my friends answer 'yes' when I mention the last film I saw. This is not the normal reaction I get. Apparently this movie is a massive deal. But none of this bothers me. Is this a good film to become a child again for 90 minutes while giggling yourself stupid? Well... A thousand times yes!! I even find the very purpose of their existence to be a funny, somewhat dark joke. They live to serve tyrants. If these guys were people, they'd have served in the S-freakin-S. Which the movie conveniently ignores when going through the Minions' history, good decision. But hey, they are little, adorable yellow things so its hard to ever picture them in a bad way. They just want to help! Even if it is the SS! This film is filled with slapstick comedy, which is great for all ages, while there are some great jokes early on for older viewers: my favourite, a giant poster saying "A MAN YOU CAN TRUST", and under those letters is a giant face of Nixon. Ha!! There is a lot packed in here, but if it has a flaw, and it does, it is the second half. Sandra Bullock sounds like she phoned in her effort - literally - and the humour simply wasn't as rife as it was during the first half.

The best thing about Minions is it is achingly funny, the second half still great, but not compared to the first, which is simply a riot. I love the fact that their language can be gibberish, but we can follow what they are saying most of the time. I find it to be an amazing achievement honestly, especially given it is animated. But the truly great thing about this movie is it is 90 minutes of being a child again. Personally this is kind of great for me, as I have zero memories from before I was thirteen. So to watch a movie that truly makes me feel like a child, in the best possible sense, is a damn good experience.

- jordy

Reviewed by ken558 5 / 10

Vast Potential Fun, But Frustratingly Underplayed

What an enviable list of voice-over stars.

What fun characters mouthing multi-language pseudo-meaninged gibberish (as opposed to just gibberish).

What a great start with a series of interesting minion history snippets (all of them already in the trailer - yes, those are the best bits and nothing else in the rest of the movie comes close).

What frustration when the gear just gets stuck - and the whole thing numbingly grinds into predictable land with uninteresting plot, an array of boring characters … blah blah … and ends up just another multimillion gibberish animation.

After the first 10 mins, Minions is plagued by too many unnecessary pointless characters, plain villains, inconsequential dialogue and actions … and the boredom (and depression) that the Minions experience on screen is unfortunately also paralleled at the same time by the audience and never really lifted up after that.

Surprisingly, Allison Janney's character and voice was the most distinctive, but it was only a minor role. Sandra Bullock's villain Scarlett Overkill is way underdone, and the character visualization lacks any wickedly engaging factor, just boringly unlikeable. Jon Hamm's character adds nothing at all to the flimsy plot and his voice is too generic to matter as to who is doing it. All the other stars had inconsequential and indistinctive who-cares voice-overs.

The whole thing is so bland that the leery voice of Young Gru (Steve Carrell) right at movie's end was such a welcomed relief - at last (and alas it was the end) a little promise of inventive fun … but way too late.

Watch it, but don't expect too much and you'd probably be mildly entertained.

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