Mischief Night


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Ally Walker as Dr. Pomock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jesse Boland 1 / 10

Mischief night wishes it was as bad as The Purge.

From the start this movie is just not serious enough not to be the complete joke that it is, and this is no comedy. The only mischief this movie gets up to is an over indulgence in add-libs, and a real lack of a good story. If you watched any of the "large number" of Gene Simmons wife's movies from the 90's or Halloween you have already seen this twice. A question asked by O'Connor in the movie is "what is mischief night?" No one ever gives a real answer, and we are just supposed to believe that it is a night that has always just been around. Don't waste any time with this movie, you want a good scare find a Rob Zombie movie with numbers in the title. You won't Enjoy this, I know I sure didn't.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

Another 'blind woman in peril' movie

MISCHIEF NIGHT is a pretty lacklustre movie that feels entirely derivative of previous, better films in the genre. There are elements of THE STRANGERS here in the presence of masked villains who say very little and creep around houses, alongside throwbacks to the classic 'blind woman' thrillers like WAIT UNTIL DARK. Another blind woman thriller I saw recently was the Michael Keaton-starring PENTHOUSE NORTH, which is about on par with this one.

After a fairly confused and irrelevant opening sequence, we're introduced to the usual type of premise: there's a young blind woman in a house on her own at night, on "mischief night" of all things, which is when houses get egged and the like (it's sort of a tamer version of THE PURGE). Inevitably the bad guys show up with murder in mind, and there's a lot of tiptoeing back and forth and suspense scenes involving broken glass, poor mobile phone signals, and the like.

Sadly this is the type of film where we've seen it all before, and it doesn't help that the lead character is completely unsympathetic so I had no particular desire to see her make it through the night. The filmmakers try very hard to make this frightening and suspenseful, but if I'm honest I was bored by it all.

Reviewed by GL84 8 / 10

Above-average home invasion slasher

Staying home the night before Halloween, a young woman learns that a group of masked intruders have broken into her home and must try to prevent her blindness from handicapping her struggle to protect herself.

This was a surprisingly enjoyable and entertaining home-invasion effort that does manage to get a few things right. One of these is the rather ingenious use of the leads' blindness which is put to great effect here in several chilling moments. The fact that this allows for a break-in earlier than expected to play off the scenes of her being unable to see the guy standing in the house or following her up stairs that any rational person would be quite easily noticed during this time so that adds a rather dark, chilling tone to the proceedings. That also helps out in the later half when the intrusion is discovered as there's plenty of suspense to be wrought from whether or not she's capable of handling the threat and must fight them off in several rather creepy encounters. The growing sense of unease it builds up before the reveal makes for a wholly enjoyable tale as this one really manages to work in some fine slasher style theatrics as it goes around bumping off the few locals around her to make it worthwhile which manages to highlight the first of a few problems here. The low body-count certainly doesn't allow for a lot of actual slicing and dicing, forcing this one to spend a lot of time not really doing anything. It gets old after a while seeing her just wander around the house as the intruder stands blankly behind her not doing anything, and this makes for quite a troubling start to this one. As well, once it gets going there's no shortage of scenes meant simply to prolong the inevitable here as the scenes of everyone going around looking for trouble manages to put them into it and carry the film along when it really doesn't have to and common sense would tell a different story than how to proceed as opposed to how this one goes about it. Lastly, the concept for this whole film is based on such retarded and ridiculous reasoning that there's hardly anything about it that comes off logically and just holds up the film for being quite lame. Otherwise, this one here isn't really all that bad.

Rated R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.

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