Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 25%
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Alice Eve as Charlotte Cahill
Al Pacino as Charles Abrams
Malin Akerman as Emily Hynes
Julia Stiles as Jane Clemente
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by elineger 1 / 10

Do not waste your time

This movie was horrible. It's shocking to take so many good actors and make them look like they should be acting in a school play instead of Hollywood.

This is my first ever review and I felt I owed it to the public to help save themselves.besides for the horrible acting there was nothing in the plot that made sense. Nothing in the Way each actor reacted to their situation would have ever happened

Even the final twist which is supposed to be so shocking that you never saw coming is because it never made sense to ever have happened.

Please don't waste your time go watch the Kardashians. You'll feel smarter.

Reviewed by iandouglasb 1 / 10

oh my

Really Al? Anthony? These two actors in whom I have the highest regard, must be grasping at paychecks at this late stage of their otherwise illustrious careers. The last couple of movies these gentlemen have been in have all been stinkers. Phoned in performances and improperly vetted scripts and or directors have made for the culmination of crap which resulted in this bomb. Directing, editing, composition...all poorly done. Josh Duhamel will jump at anything to keep his name in lights but Julia Stiles? Malin Ackerman? And the robot Alice Eve whose performance was a study in a pot-head on anti-depressants who is abusing Ativan. This movie had potential if any of the actors had bothered to read the script and gotten interested in actually telling a good story. I am sure they were all stuck with the directing being done but good performances can usually overcome bad directing. Sadly, this film was lacking in both.

Reviewed by Dom Martin 1 / 10

Tony & Al sell soul, destroy legacy

What dark deals were struck to persuade two of the greatest screen actors of all time to appear in this stillborn nonsense? What dirt do they have on Messrs Hopkins & Pacino that they can be lured into this manure-filled paddock?

The script for "Misconduct" seems to have been pieced together from scraps of paper harvested from the bin of a ten-year-old struggling to produce a piece of creative writing homework. Someone should take this ten-year-old to one side and have a quiet word about the rudiments of drama; firstly, have a protagonist who we care about. Secondly, don't expect us to believe an intelligent lawyer would make the most catastrophic, rudimentary slip-ups when committing a crime; thirdly, have the story make even a little bit of sense, without plot holes big enough for the orbit of Halley's comet.

Special mention must go to Alice Eve, an actress so monumentally bad that in a just world she would be laughed out of the room if she auditioned for the part of the back end of the donkey in her local comprehensive school's nativity play. She seems to think that what's required for this role is to approximate one of those kittens you see on Youtube falling asleep in its food bowl.

Only go to see "Misconduct" if you're atoning for sins committed in a previous life.

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