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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by danomychowski 8 / 10

I guess we just aren't allowed to have fun at the movies anymore...

Obviously, this movie is not for everyone. It makes last years Sex Drive look like a family movie. Because of this, many people will be turned off by the movie. About a third of the people walked out of the theater when I saw it, and most likely the majority of them went home and rated this a One. Being a fan of the Whitest Kids U'know, I was very excited to hear about this back in December. and then very annoyed when they kept pushing back the release date. But finally, It arrived and it was great, in my opinion. Not quite to my expectations but by no means bad. It is true that some of the jokes become incredibly repetitive, and they dragged the lesbians scene out to the point that it was no longer funny. But more often than not, the jokes are hits rather than misses. Many people have given the film poor reviews because of how unbelievably vulgar the jokes are. Which makes me wonder: Why would you see a raunchy teen sex comedy that takes place at the playboy mansion, and was written, directed by, and starring two of the Whitest Kids U'know if you are offended by vulgar humor? Trevor Moore was hilarious as always but I do feel that Zach Creggor's talent was in many ways wasted. He got very few of the best lines, though, one could expect that since he plays the cliché "serious" buddy that is found in all teen sex comedies. Craig Robinson was great, though I thought that his character got a bit annoying after a while. But despite the films dirty charm and frequent laugh out loud moments, there were also a fair number of flaws. Miss MArch suffered from the same issue that the latest Harold And Kumar installment did: Every once in a while they would go just a bit too far. In a film like this you have to walk the line. In many cases, they would take a flying leap over it. Which is fine, to a certain extent. The problem was that the just didn't seem to realize when to quit. Dirty does not always mean funny. If you are trying to decide whether or not to see it, just know that it can either be a laugh out loud hilarious raunch filled comedy roller-coaster or it can be a dull, lifeless, trashy, tasteless, bomb of a movie, depending on your taste, or lack thereof. I personally found it to be the former rather than the latter. But it is most certainly not the type of movie that you should see with your family. 8/10

Reviewed by Greg 8 / 10

I laughed, cried (tears of laughter), and I ate overpriced popcorn

OK I just got back from seeing this movie and I got to tell you it was pretty damn funny. If you are going to this movie to see another Shindlers List...leave the car in the driveway. It is not artistic nor is it pretty. What it is...funny as hell!!! I caught the early showing (ok I'm cheap, there I said it and I am sticking to it). There were only about 20 people in the theater. An older couple, a couple of guys around 25, a group of 18 - 20 yr old, and of course yours truly. All different backgrounds and ages. What amazed me is that we all laughed when it was funny, we all cringed when it was gross. We did not have to have the director lead us to the joke like a fat kid to cake, it was just there.

Will you see this movie up for an Oscar...no. Will you see this movie in my movie collection when it comes out...U bet you sweet bippy.

Reviewed by www.ramascreen.com 8 / 10

Forgive me but I can't stop laughing!

Please forgive me but I find MISS MARCH Movie to be absolutely hilarious. And if liking this movie makes me a bad person, so be it. Because despite the fact that the vulgar, raunchy jokes are immature and gross, I just can't stop laughing. It's a movie for… us male audiences that still chuckle when we hear words like "doodie". Besides, you kinda gotta give some the two lead actors Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore for both writing, both directing and producing this whole shenanigan even though it probably doesn't take a genius to come up with such a ridiculous tale.

It's a teen sex comedy that centers around two best friends, Eugene (Cregger) who is like Jimbo and Tucker (Moore) who is like Stiffler. Typical characters, right? Really there's not much originality in this movie, it even has a road trip, a bunch of people that don't look like high school kids still playing high school roles and of course, tons and tons of attractive, drop-dead gorgeous, hot lookin' girls of all kinds. And just like any teen sex comedy out there that usually has one or two disgusting bomb shocker, this one has those too. And of course the two leads learn something, a self-realization lesson at the end, whooptidoo.

Some of the humor can get repetitive and some of the characters can annoy you, but for some reason every one of those aspects cracks me up and I was watching it sober. I think it caters to the childish adolescent part of me, it rekindles all the sex jokes that my friends and I used to laugh about back when we were younger before we learned to grow up. So these two guys who are behind the hilarious show The Whitest Kids U Know are only doing their contribution to the society the only way they know how and what I enjoy even more is that it's one of the few immature comedy movies out there that's actually consistently funny from beginning to the very end. Craig Robinson who plays the horsedick dot mpeg rapper is on top of his game. He's not afraid to make fun of himself on screen. Hugh Heffner's cameo proves that he's quite possibly one of the coolest relics that still walks this earth. There are two unbelievable Lesbians in this movie that would go down as some of the most memorable characters in this genre. However, this movie does give pressure to teens out there by putting into their minds that having countless irresponsible sex is a good thing. MISS MARCH is a comedy for the dirty-minded and those of us who can switch the on and off button from serious to filthy-minded in just a blink of an eye.

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