Miss Meadows


Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 28%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 30%
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Katie Holmes as Miss Meadows
Jean Smart as Mother Meadows
James Badge Dale as Sheriff
Mary Kay Place as Mrs. Davenport
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mmiu 8 / 10

Surprisingly low rating for such a nice film

I read a couple of negative reviews and I can only conclude that this is one of those times when people have simply different expectations (high or just different) and they are overall too surprised to enjoy the movie as it is. Some say Holmes plays too young character for her actual age, some say the film isn't funny enough, when it should be a dark comedy and some complain the story is too predictable.

Main complaint however is that the storyline fails to develop enough to seem believable, and simply emerges to, quote, off-puttingly bizarre (review on holywoodreporter). I must disagree. This movie would not seem annoyingly odd, if you simply don't watch it with certain expectations, and this actually counts for almost any movie. Forget for a minute you're watching Tom Cruise's ex wife, forget that she's also a co-producer, and just let yourself enjoy the movie. Who says films should be "believable"?! You may treat this movie as a fairy tale and you'll get overwhelmingly fascinated by the tap-dancing, the hairstyle and the costume design in it.

You also may be surprised you actually like Holmes' acting. She plays a woman living in a fantasy world, who starts slowly meeting the reality - but who says she should meet the reality all the way through? She abandons her fairy-tale world for a while, just to fix the things that are too odd, but what's nicely surprising is she doesn't abandon it completely. I would say she plays some sort of an everyday super hero, because she fearlessly helps and saves people in need, but she's is depicted without the clichés for a superhero character, and the film is weird enough, in a nice way, to make us think of this without putting it too obvious.

Another reason to watch this movie is Brenda Abbandandolo's costume design. Miss Meadows' clothes, combined with her hairstyles and maybe the makeup, are the things that make this movie so enjoyable. For any fashion lover, this is a reason alone to watch it. Scenography is also nice, but Katie Holmes in a elegant high waist skirt wearing white gloves and tap-dancing shoes, with cute hair strands and big eyes, this is something completely overwhelmingly cute and sure a reason to love at least a little the film. Her well-illustrated character will make you like the rest of the cast's look - Sheriff's intentionally balding hair, bad guy's evil looking face and his character's overall look - the hair and the dog on a leash.

At last, I suggest if you suspect that you have developed any kind of high expectations for this film, simply skip it. Watch it only without prejudice, and you will enjoy Katie Holmes acting, and Miss Meadows' clothing and hairstyles.

Reviewed by zif ofoz 9 / 10

Offbeat entertainment

If you like dark comedy ... this is your movie.

If you like a surreal plot line ... this is your movie.

If you just want something 'different' ... this is your movie.

Katie Holmes as Miss Meadows brings the characters sweetness, vulnerability, and cruelty to life. And the supporting cast is just perfect in their roles.

Not a film for 'the average' viewer! Art film buffs will be highly entertained.

9 out of 10 stars for me because --- there was (for me) a bit of a slow part --- but I still greatly enjoyed this flick.

Reviewed by David Humphrey ([email protected]) 10 / 10

Loving Miss Meadows

I went to see Miss Meadows - I loved the film for a number of reasons. creepy, quirky, poignant, really funny and atmospheric. miss meadows reached me. Katie Holmes was amazing in her portrayal and one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes is the one about Anthony played by Billy Mumy where everyone is in agreement with the little boy for fear that he'll wish them into the corn field. miss meadows captured that eeriness which I relish but then the raw underbelly of her pain is revealed and with her, writer director, Karen Leigh Hopkins has created one of the great and memorable characters of the screen. seriously. not patronizing. amen.

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